Wednesday, 25 December 2013

My Brother-In-Law Used to Own A Comic Book Store

Here are some Christmas treats from my brother-in-law's wonderful collection/old stock:

Beautiful, beautiful Grenadier boxes!

At this point the memory card in my wife's camera was full.   It was a dilemma - do I go back and erase some of the big batch of Christmas family photos she took to make room for some more pics of lead, especially 'cause I was just getting to the Grenadier gloryload or... not do that?   A couple of moments of some pretty hardcore soul-searching and a rather impressive bit of inner ethical debate raged on... but of course, I took no further pictures. 

Monday, 9 December 2013

It Still is October, isn't it?


"Time", thinks Gorksgottahavit,

"It makes you think."

Yes, Gorksgottahavit is a thinker.  A scholar!  Yes, he is a Weird Boy.  And the fact that he likes to think alone makes him a private Wierd Boy.   Unfortunately, all this thinking made Gorksgottahavit very dusty.   Oi. Dust!  How Gorksgottahavit hates dust.  And it's on his boyz too.  But surely it wasn't always this way?  There must of been a time when Orcs were free of dust?  Or could it be that Orcs were born of dust? 

  "Oi, it makes ya think!"

And then Gorksgottahavit remembers a story about some Humie Book...a Humie book reported to tell of the beginnings of all things Orc...a Humie book by Humies calling themselves Saxons or something...

  "Be A Wolf...Bay of Wolves...Baywatch...That's it!!  I know what I gotta do..."

So Gorksgottahavit gathered an army.

And set off to find that book.


     "Oi!  Saxons!  Give us your books!!!"

    "Excuse me, but we are definitely not Saxons!"

     "Oi, Gorksgottahavit sir, let's leave'em alone - their eyes are freaking me out!"


Was too contagious and delirious for Sunday Warhammer tonight.  

Played with my camera instead and took a couple of photos.  Hope you enjoy.

Monday, 19 August 2013

While Hiding In The Woods

"Ezekiel, not now," laughs Marianda lightly,  "If they see us they'll all start to frolic again."

"My dear," says Ezekiel, "we should rejoice that our merry little band is blessed with so much love..."

And with that, he kisses her. 

She loves the feel of his two tongues in her mouth.   "Ahhh, it's funny," she thinks, "how his mutations are like his true self - subtle and sensual, and vaguely sinister.  Yes, his mutations.  Ahh.  Mutations?!  There I go again.  His Specialness.  Mutations!  Using the language of our oppressors!  But how can anyone oppress us?  And why would anyone want to oppress us?  They call us different.  I call us special.  Special.  Just look at Bobbit."

"Your mind seems elsewhere, my dear," says Ezekiel.

"No, no," whispers  Mariander, "but... O look! There's Bobbit!"

"And over there - there's Bryon.  Looks like he's drooling again."

"And the Dwarves.  Oh, I can never remember all of their names."

"Ah, but, there's Carmine and Randy."


"And Greg is in the mud again.  At least it's not Tomatoes again!"

"Mannfred and shy Frevor."

"Gwenda, Rheinhart and Scuff.  But I can barely see him..."

"And those two.  I know you don't want to hear how I don't trust them and their promises.  And after all we did for them.  Well, him.  I don't trust him.  I don't believe he is who he claims to be.  Astronaut Winston Peters!  I don't think that's his real identity!  And did you see how he treats Lemmy?!  Lemmy is like one of us!  He should..."

"...what was that?!..."

Friday, 16 August 2013

Norse Dwarf SAGA Animosity

Flew across the country and finally got to play some play some SAGA.  Can't believe I held out so long.  Perhaps it was all the hype.  Or the cost of all the pretty dice.  But I'm in.  And I'm eager to play more.  Couldn't wait to come home and put together a Viking 4 Point force.   Unfortunately some Norse Dwarfs found my excitement very offensive.  Before I could even finish gathering my Vikings,

a bunch of angry Norse Dwarfs appeared...

and I began to appreciate the whole saga animosity thing!

                                But SAGA is not all - very soon stay tuned for some worldwide Warhammer!  Well, maybe not entirely worldwide, but three countries worth...                                                                                                                                   

Sunday, 28 July 2013

To Play Like A Boy

I was surprised to read that H.G. Wells' magnificent "Little Wars" is now a hundred years old!  This led to a celebratory garden confrontation with The Kid earlier today.

Seems that the Red Coats and the Blue Coats are at it again.

And is there anything more beautiful than a beat-up Britains Super Deetail Toy Soldier?

Monday, 22 July 2013

When One Life-Sized Poster Of Rick Priestley is Not Enough

Rick Priestley!

The Man is responsible for so much gaming joy!

Just finished a fantastic and fluid modern-day battle between Kislev and The Empire using Bolt Action.  

Wonderful Bolt Action.

Here are some pics:

The Empire scrambles

to meet the Might of Kislev!

Send in the Leopards.  (O the beautiful Leopards!)

Empire T.O.W.s ...

...find their targets.

And more beautiful Leopards win the day!

Bolt Action!