Monday, 19 August 2013

While Hiding In The Woods

"Ezekiel, not now," laughs Marianda lightly,  "If they see us they'll all start to frolic again."

"My dear," says Ezekiel, "we should rejoice that our merry little band is blessed with so much love..."

And with that, he kisses her. 

She loves the feel of his two tongues in her mouth.   "Ahhh, it's funny," she thinks, "how his mutations are like his true self - subtle and sensual, and vaguely sinister.  Yes, his mutations.  Ahh.  Mutations?!  There I go again.  His Specialness.  Mutations!  Using the language of our oppressors!  But how can anyone oppress us?  And why would anyone want to oppress us?  They call us different.  I call us special.  Special.  Just look at Bobbit."

"Your mind seems elsewhere, my dear," says Ezekiel.

"No, no," whispers  Mariander, "but... O look! There's Bobbit!"

"And over there - there's Bryon.  Looks like he's drooling again."

"And the Dwarves.  Oh, I can never remember all of their names."

"Ah, but, there's Carmine and Randy."


"And Greg is in the mud again.  At least it's not Tomatoes again!"

"Mannfred and shy Frevor."

"Gwenda, Rheinhart and Scuff.  But I can barely see him..."

"And those two.  I know you don't want to hear how I don't trust them and their promises.  And after all we did for them.  Well, him.  I don't trust him.  I don't believe he is who he claims to be.  Astronaut Winston Peters!  I don't think that's his real identity!  And did you see how he treats Lemmy?!  Lemmy is like one of us!  He should..."

"...what was that?!..."


  1. Hard to see how Lemmy once was a proud british heavy metal icon and how he turned out to be a cybernetic parody of human being... (even god rid of his famous moustache in the process).

    On a happier note, it's great to see Greg doing fine with lots of new friends. Always playing with his mother's skull like when he was a baby !

    Now, I cried of laughter on your two-tongue part (wonder where they were gonna end), especially when I read the warhammer world is crippled like ours with hypocrisy calling mutations "specialness"

    1. Hey Asslessman,

      Good ol'Lemmy is of course immortal and unrestrained by any dimensional boundary. He is kind of like an Eternal Champion for me, which is fitting considering his real life Hawkwind/Moorcock association.

      And thanks, Greg is doing well. We just have to keep him away from the tomatoes!

      Glad you liked the two-tongue part. I was afraid I might have scared people away with a wee bit of Romance and (as my son says) lovey-dovey stuff. But hey, Love is Alive in our wonderful Warhammer world! And so are Mutations. But Mutations are special! The Polymorph Rebel Band is proudly gifted with a variety of mutations that make them special, and unfortunately, hunted! Stay tuned...

  2. The muties are looking great - just the ticket!

    Apologies for the radio silence - there were less opportunities to connect to the interwebz during my two week hols up in the Lake District.

    I got the Lemmy reference but am being a bit thick on the others!

  3. Hi Thantsants!

    Thank you! And no problem, holidays are best when away from any sort of computer anyway. Hope you had a great time! As for references, the gang is just who they are - any extra inferences/references are purely up to the viewer/reader to add as additional flavouring.

  4. Fantastic Freedom Fighters you have there. Slaanesh must be pleased with their progress. Have you ever read the War of Powers books? There is a romantic scene with two somethings in one of them, I seem to recall.

  5. Hey thanks, Warlord Paul! I am excited to see these guys in action, but it probably won't be until sometime in October. Perhaps that would work out well if you wanted to join in?

    I'm not familiar with the War of Powers books, I'll have to google it. I'm always on the lookout for new books to discover - thanks for the tip!

    1. Now that the Oldhammer Weekend is done and the little one is joining nursery this week I am starting to feel a bit more in control of my life again! I will start to put together the appropriate forces and hopefully be able to join in.

      To sum up the War of Powers books, they are great examples of the 1980's high fantasy genre but expect a huge slice of carnality added to the traditional mix. I hope you enjoy them!