Monday, 30 June 2014

"It's Sunny Out, Let's Play Some Warhammer!"

As they gazed upon the distant glittering city, the two mighty Warlords reached an agreement - "We will split it between us!"

However, at just that moment, in just that glittering distant city, a mighty militia was preparing to embark on a "seek-and-destroy", long range patrol.  "Bring it on!", bellowed an excited citizen!

Yes, that beautiful, cosmopolitan city of Sehrschonenheim, where Dwarves, Elves, Men (and Women), Giants and Ogres all co-exist in the most perfect of harmony.  It must be protected at all costs!!

The Forces meet...

The Chaos Horde is Horrible!


"O Brave Men of dear Sehrschonenhiem, Brace for Impact!!"

The battlelines clash. 

Arrows fly.

Big Guys Die.

The end is nigh.

Feudal Fred is surrounded.  He and the remaining brave fighters of Sehrschonenheim surrender. 

The victorious Chaos Horde 'high-fives'.

A great Warhammer skirmish game with The Kid this afternoon.  He picked the figs for each "team" while I set the table.  Was very happy it didn't rain. 

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Ah, What the Heck, Panzer Division P.W. Passes On By

Not enough tanks on this here blog, so...

Panzer Division P.W. rushes to the front.  The ColdWar Commander Front. 

Really just an excuse to throw up some pictures of my beautiful Leopards.

I love Leopards.  There it is, out in the open.  No more secrets. 

Ahhh, but what is that Hind gonna do???!

Monday, 23 June 2014

A Whole Lotta Clanning Going On

When Harold from Clan Minifigs told Thane Redbeardbrokensword of Clan Citadel (The Fantasy Tribes Branch of the clan) the news of that upstart Thane Asgard (of Clan Asgard) uniting Clan Grenadier and Clan Citadel (the Second Compendium branch), Thane Redbeardbrokensword knew his clan was next.  But he had a plan. 



"Walruses.  We're gonna get us some Walruses.  Let's get the clan moving!"

Gunnar Gordonsson couldn't believe his ears.

"But Thane, it's freezing up there in Walrus land!  What do we want with Walruses anyway?"

"We must stop Asgard," says Thane Redbeardbrokensword, "We got the artillery..." all we need is some cavalry, and I hear there is a mighty Clan up north riding walruses.  I want us to ride walruses too!  Let's get the lads moving!  A Walrus hunting we will go!"

But barely a day into their journey a Clan of Giants bars the dwarves' way. 

"LET US PASS!" commands Thane Redbeardbrokensword.

"Ok," say the Giants.

And Clan Citadel (the Fantasy Tribe branch of the Clan) continues on their way...