Monday, 27 May 2013

Turn 4

A Melta Missile blast lights up the battlefield...

Oh, no.  OH NO!!! 

It hits Ulysses!!!!  A Strength 8(!!!) hit causing 4 wounds at -4 to Ulysses' fashionable carapace armour!!!!  Ulysses is gone!!  He is gone.  Ulysses, hero, survivor, man of myth and mayhem, main character of many, many games, campaigns and adventures, gone...And by a Melta Missile at that!  Mouse, how could you??!!

Finnegan does not take it well.  He rolls on the Monster Reaction Table.  A 5.  Raaargh!   Frenzy and Hatred for the rest of the game.  He immediately charges into the combat with Bert and Mykhul.

Speaking of Monster Reaction Tests, Tiny,  overcome by the loss of Ace, also has to roll.  He rolls a 1 - Stupidity!  He then takes a Ld test which he fails (double 6's!).   And he rolls yet one more 6!?!  He can't do anything this turn. 

The rest of my movement is taken by The Man From Gamma Gamma 4, Mordecai Plank and Gaxt all charging into the combat with Bert and the Ork Warboss. 

The Squats and Reese stay where they are and take aim at the Orks by the farmhouse.  In the shooting phase they shoot.  Reese hits and wounds.  (S3 Autogun)  As for the Squats, only Mauser hits and wounds.  (S4 Bolter) 

Combat:  Mouse, we'll have to meet for this combat...

P.S. - Please see Mouse's great turn 4 write- up here.

Here is The Mighty Man From Gamma Gamma 4's mighty wounding roll:

And the swirl of combat that takes out Mykhul:   

Mordecai Plank, Bert the Zoat, The Man From Gamma Gamma 4, and Finnegan all follow-up 2inches towards Neel and his Missile Boy.

The remainder of Rikk's Pyros run towards the Orchard.


Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Elves are up to something...

...forming strange new alliances...

...inspiring strange new loyalties...

...and she is behind it all.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Turn 3

Bolter shots everywhere!  Kern is hit!  He's down!  And no!  There goes Wide-Eyed Jake.  Down.  (And he didn't even see it coming.)   Two Bolter shots hit Ulysses!  But that blackmarket Carapace Armour stops them dead. 

Turn 3
The table at the start of my turn.

MovementReese McGee stays in the barn aiming at the Orks by the farmhouse.   The Squats ("Don't Call Us Squats!") also stay put and aim at the Farmhouse Orks.

Ulysses takes his Drug Test and passes it (BOO!, no Frenzy this turn) but he still charges into base-to-base contact with Viv.  Finnegan also charges into combat with the heavy weapon Ork.   The Man From Gamma Gamma 4 charges and reaches another Ork in the same squad.  Gaxt and Mordecai charge too but do not make it into contact with anybody. 

Bert sees Mykhul.  He feels nervous.  He feels scared.  He takes a FEAR test on 3D6 rolling a 3, 4, 4.  He has to take the highest two, but Hooray(!) his Leadership is 10!   Bert The Zoat charges into combat with the Ork Warboss.

Tiny and Ace hop the fence and charge into base contact with two of the Pyro boyz. 

ShootingThe Space Dwarves all fire and all miss.   Reese McGee, true to form, hits and wounds one of  Neel's Orks by the Farmhouse.

CombatHey Mouse, we get to do some 2nd edition combat now! I'm very excited about this.   Second Edition Combat is my favourite 40k combat.   How would tomorrow night after 9:30 work for you?

This is my table at this moment:

Now a little later, after the combat:

Please see the Combat results in the Comments section below.

This is my turn.


Sunday, 5 May 2013

Dad vs. Dad (or Hooray for Playdates!)

I'm sure that for most of us our days are divided into Work Days or Family Days, or even better - Work and Family Days.  This is all wonderful, but it usually means that any gaming must be late night sessions after everyone has gone to bed.  But what about when the late nights just start adding up and you find yourself too wiped out for nocturnal gaming?  Easy.  Gather together with a fellow gamer who has a kid(s) the same age as yours and set up a Playdate.   Yeah!  This led to some Glorious BattleFleet Gothic this afternoon.   I love Battlefleet Gothic! 

It always amazes me to see how much dust accumulates on models.  Does anyone have any tricks for dusting miniatures?

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Turn Two

Please see Mouse's turn two.

"AaAahhhHHH,"  roars Ulysses, as the full hit of Frenzon blasts through his body.  YEAH!  Images trip on by.  Orks on our ship.  100's of them.  Us outnumbered by at least a 100 to one.  Then they let us go.  Suckers.  Fell for the old treasure map routine.  But wait, Horus it, could there really be one of my old stashes there?...And now here I am.  It's raining.  And Orks are shooting.   And there goes Harrison.   Down.     Red.  Everything is Red...  "AAAAAHHHHH!!!"

Ulysses fails his drug test and goes into a Frenzy.  He runs towards the nearest Ork group, screaming and waving his Bolt pistols in the air.   Mad Dog of course follows.  They are joined by the running Space Elf,  Kern Proudbrow.  Wide-eyed Jake trails behind. 

The Man From Gamma Gamma 4, Gaxt and Mordecai all run towards the centre Ork group.  Bert The Zoat turns and moves his 7inch WALK also towards the centre Ork group.  The Squats ("Don't call us Squats") move 3inches forward.  But the LasCannon stays where it was.  (And Ah, Mouse, I just realized I moved these guys and fired my Las Cannon, which hit and caused a mighty S9!  wound on your centre Orks.   Are we going to keep coherency rules, or can units break up and individuals within the group do different things in this small skirmish?) 

 Tiny and Ace run to the Barn Fence.

Reese McGee runs up to the second floor of the barn.

In the shooting phase my Space Dwarves are amazing!   I score hits from all and wounds from the two Boltguns and (if we allow it) the LasCannon.  All these shots were on your Centre group.

Bert The Zoat also hits and wounds with his Bolt Pistol.

That's my turn, Mouse.