Sunday, 5 May 2013

Dad vs. Dad (or Hooray for Playdates!)

I'm sure that for most of us our days are divided into Work Days or Family Days, or even better - Work and Family Days.  This is all wonderful, but it usually means that any gaming must be late night sessions after everyone has gone to bed.  But what about when the late nights just start adding up and you find yourself too wiped out for nocturnal gaming?  Easy.  Gather together with a fellow gamer who has a kid(s) the same age as yours and set up a Playdate.   Yeah!  This led to some Glorious BattleFleet Gothic this afternoon.   I love Battlefleet Gothic! 

It always amazes me to see how much dust accumulates on models.  Does anyone have any tricks for dusting miniatures?


  1. Excellent idea - perhaps we should look at setting up a creche with copies of "Oi Dat's My Leg" and Heroquest at the next Oldhammer event...

    Lovely looking game - I still look longingly at the pics of old Space Fleet models in WD and this isn't helping!

    As for dust - I have an old size 10 watercolour brush which has conveniently splayed its very soft bristles outwards in the same fashion as those fingerprint brushes. Great for dusting minis and getting rid of static grass too.

  2. Hi Thantsants,

    Yeah, a kid's table at Foundry would be pretty cool. And the old Space Fleet models are nice but I gotta say I prefer the beauty of the Battlefleet Gothic line. Even the plastic ships! I love how there are so many possibilites for ship choice from the plastic kits.

    Thanks too for the Watercolour brush suggestion. I'll try it.

  3. Make-up brush. Get your own back for all those razors!

    1. Brilliant!! I'll give that a try. And Welcome Warlord Paul.