Sunday, 29 July 2012

Uberhammer - Glune's Trek continues

After his victory over the little Norsemen, Glune got very drunk...

I'm too tired to write this up.   Great solo game though.  Uberhammer in that it was mostly 3rd edition with the magic from 5th and a 1st edition list (Glune's Trek from the Forces of Fantasy supplement).   Nothing like a force of Giants!  Especially 3rd edition Giants!  Great wackiness with Glune passing out, Tiny wandering drunkenly away, the Spindlelimb Brothers jumping up and down on a unit of Chaos knights...

Unnoticed, the Wizard What'sHisName sneaks out from Glune's bag and hurriedly leaves the battlefield...

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Coldwar Commander Mid-1990's

After their success in the Balkans, the Imperialist forces push on into Romania...where they are stopped!

Nice and fast solo Coldwar Commander in 20mm.  I used the optional command rules from Blitzkrieg Commander II.  I also gave the horde rule to the War Pac II forces (removing the hits after each turn while the other guys had to keep theirs).  I did this because I only have three green T-72's and I wanted to see some M1's blow up.  And they did!  After three turns, the Imperialists were forced to retreat.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Giants in 3rd Edition

This afternoon I was putting together the battalions for Glune's Trek (Forces of Fantasy, WFB 1) and it suddenly occured to me that I have never used a giant in Warhammer Fantasy 3rd edition.  Well, that had to change!

The True Giants Glune Wayfoot, his brother Hermann, and good old Tiny Spindlelimb, were on their way to meet up with the rest of their band.

 Travelling in the opposite direction were a bunch of Norsemen led by none other than Bjorn the Orange!  Bjorn is a mercenary.  His current gig is to escort the Wizard What'sHisName to a little village in northern Bretonnia.  It seems that there is some trouble brewing in Bretonnia.  A People's Revolution or something.  Anyway, that is no concern of Bjorn the Orange. 

His archers see something up ahead.  Giants!  Three of them!  They fire.  The Wizard unleashes a powerful magical Blast at the lead Giant.  (Causing a lucky 6 strength 8(!) hits on Glune, four which wound.  He is Toughness 7 and has 7 wounds!)  But the Giants keep coming.  Bjorn charges. 

 Glune reaches out and picks up Bjorn.  Bjorn wildly swings his mighty axe.  And then Glune bites off Bjorn's head and throws the rest at the Norse shieldwall!!

A berserker is stomped on!

A Norse Wedge charge is smashed!

And a Wizard was bagged!

Giants Rock!

Friday, 20 July 2012

Coldwar Commander 1971

Coldwar Commander.  1971.  Pattons and Centurions!

The range and the stabilizers of the Centurions give them the win.  Great game!  I love Coldwar Commander.  Just don't get to play it that often.  This must change.

A Green Hoth

            The Emperor himself leads the Imperial attack.          

A temporary Rebel base.

Here come the walkers.

The Rebel first line of defense.

A hero saves the day!

Slaanesh and Tzeentch Settle it Soviet Style Take Two

In one of the Realms of Chaos, Slaanesh  (in one of her non-GW forms) 

                             and Tzeentch are arguing about who is the cooler Chaos deity.

                              They agree to settle it with Soviet cold war era kit.

                              And 5th edition Warhammer Magic Cards.

                              Tzeentch soon has had enough.