Saturday, 21 July 2012

Giants in 3rd Edition

This afternoon I was putting together the battalions for Glune's Trek (Forces of Fantasy, WFB 1) and it suddenly occured to me that I have never used a giant in Warhammer Fantasy 3rd edition.  Well, that had to change!

The True Giants Glune Wayfoot, his brother Hermann, and good old Tiny Spindlelimb, were on their way to meet up with the rest of their band.

 Travelling in the opposite direction were a bunch of Norsemen led by none other than Bjorn the Orange!  Bjorn is a mercenary.  His current gig is to escort the Wizard What'sHisName to a little village in northern Bretonnia.  It seems that there is some trouble brewing in Bretonnia.  A People's Revolution or something.  Anyway, that is no concern of Bjorn the Orange. 

His archers see something up ahead.  Giants!  Three of them!  They fire.  The Wizard unleashes a powerful magical Blast at the lead Giant.  (Causing a lucky 6 strength 8(!) hits on Glune, four which wound.  He is Toughness 7 and has 7 wounds!)  But the Giants keep coming.  Bjorn charges. 

 Glune reaches out and picks up Bjorn.  Bjorn wildly swings his mighty axe.  And then Glune bites off Bjorn's head and throws the rest at the Norse shieldwall!!

A berserker is stomped on!

A Norse Wedge charge is smashed!

And a Wizard was bagged!

Giants Rock!

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