Monday, 29 December 2014

The Battle Of Five Armies As A Recruiting Tool

I GMed a game for The Kid and his cousin this afternoon.  Together we set up a table and a situation excitedly inspired by the new Hobbit movie. 

And later, the Adults got a game in...

...and discovered that there was no more battery power left in the camera!                                               

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Cedana Leaves Home/Civilian Pics for a Bottomless Blogging Buddy

Now that the Apocalypse was in full swing, Cedana thought it might be a good time to finally leave home. 

"Now be careful, darlin'", says Ma.

"And stay away from the freaks!"

"Who you calling freaks?"

"Ah Pa, it's them darned Freaks again..."


Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Nick Lund's Future Warriors: Kill Zone

The Mayans were right!  At exactly 12:01a.m.  December 21, 2012, the first meteor struck.  Then came the floods.  And then the fires.  At 12:37 the Zombie Plague began.   By 4:20 a.m the first of the missiles were launched.   Many more then came.  In Los Angeles, at precisely 8:40 a.m., Elton John announced he will launch his Save Our Planet World Tour.   Yes, the true End Times had begun!   Civilization crumbles.  Good people take up arms and join gangs...

Nicolas, Mabel, Ari and Paula, park their cool car and ask a local youth where all the post-apocalyptic action is...

Meanwhile, the Vice Squad is still at work...

Mabel and Ari search the ruins of the city.  They pass a large green cube to remind them they are on a Stay Sharp order.

"Hold it right there," says Mordecai, "This street is ours!!"

But Ari listens to no-one but his own inner demons.  He runs down the street firing his machine pistol.

Dakka-dakka-dak - he's hit!  His love Mabel rushes to his side.

"Har-har-har", laughs Gerhart.

Mabel somehow lifts her very heavy handgun and...

"That was my Man!", screams Tori Heart Love.  And she charges into Hand to Hand Combat with Mabel.

And wins.

Paula is not impressed.

She goes on a bit of a rampage.

A security camera catches Mordecai's escape as he flees from the scene.

At the end everyone gets up to show that they are all okay, and then they bow.

Played some quick Future Warriors with the Major tonight.  Great fun.  I love machine pistols in these rules!


Monday, 1 December 2014

These Kids These Days!

"But Da, we always play Hoth!"

"Yes, I know, but this time it's with Tigers and T-34/85s!"

Ohhh, Stormtroopers and Tigers.  I had been obsessing on this as soon as I saw that there was snow on the ground today. 

Eastern Front Hoth!

Snowtroopers storm the Rebel HQ.

There is dissension in the Rebel ranks.

The Princess storms out.  "I've had enough of these Rebels!!!"


Goblins in the snow.

Goblins and Chaos in the snow.

Glorious snow!