Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Shoot-out in New Middleheim

Professor Elf came by with his kid and his cowboys this afternoon.  This meant a playdate and a game!  Broke out The Legends of the Old West and let some of my Wild West figs out for air...

"Mama take this badge from me...I don't need it anymore."

Sheriff Sue shakes his head to clear the memory.  "What was I thinking?  Didn't she know it was only the drink a-talking!?  And now here I am, stuck in the middle of New Middleheim without a badge and The Nashville Boys coming down on me.  Them Outlaws!   Good thing I got me a Posse!"

"And the best danged Posse this side of Heaven they are!  There's Juan de Fuca, Mississippi Alabama Detroy-ed Fred, my trusty deputy - The Man with No Name (he really doesn't have one), good ol'uncle Ben and Oskar K., all the way from some place called Vienna, Australia.  I call him the Swede."

Meanwhile, as Sheriff Sue continues his rambling monolouge, The Nashville Boys, led by Kenny The Gambler, take position...

Waylon and Willie take the town hall!

Finally Sheriff Sue sees the threat and orders his boys to fan out.

"My name is Sue," shouts Sheriff Sue, "How do you do?  Now you gonna ..."

Shots ring out.  But nobody hits nothing but barrels and tables. 

And boats!

So The Nashville Boys start a clever cross-fire by overlapping their fire-arcs.

This is too much for Sheriff Sue, so he orders his posse to "git in good and close and duke it on out!"

Mississippi Alabama Detroy-ed Fred sneaks out of the shadows to surprise Willie.

The Swede and Kris get it on.

Mississippi Alabama Detroy-ed Fred (I love saying his name!), in a frenzy of over-confidence, charges into Kenny The Gambler.   Kenny laughed and used one FAME point to win the combat and then his other FAME point to take Mississippi Alabama Detroy-ed Fred right out of the game.

Next he charged into The Deputy With No Name.

Sheriff Sue rushes in to rescue his faithful Deputy.

However, just at that moment, right at high noon, Professor Elf's wife calls and wants him back home.   We called it a draw.  Super great to play Legends of the Old West again!  Even though it took us a while to get the flow of the game back, I look forward to returning to it soon.  I think the FAME and FATE points are just brilliant.  I would like to use a Legend level character next time.

After the shoot-out, Sheriff Sue went to see his Mama and got his badge back.  And he promised to lay off the drink...

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Coldwar Commander Comes To Town

A peaceful border town...

...is INVADED!!

By Two Sides!  At Once!

Even the Neutrals want a piece...

Opening moves...


And what they leave behind!

Hinds strike back.

After years of gluing tank wheels to my fingers I have made the happy conclusion that die-casts and pre-mades are the way to go for 20mm.

Coldwar Commader!