Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Just who do you think you are?

So the other night I walked into the shed and excitedly exclaimed, "Hey-hey guys, it's time to Featherstone".   

  "Wait a minute, just who do you think you are?", said a little voice.

It was soon followed by many more little voices, "Yeah, yeah, who are you to tell us what to do?"

"Well, hey, I'm just a private and I kinda thought we were all gonna do this thing..."

"Naw, hit it Geddy!"

And Geddy, the SLA's mighty Synth player, gets the party started...

And the dance party lasted well into the following day.  Boy, are my legs tired. 

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Prelude to Donald Featherstoning Rogue Trader or An Attack on New Amazonia Part One

Dwarves and Amazons have had a rich, yet rather complex history together.  Some may even recall ancient battles, but most of us nowadays tend to think of the friendship and good times between the two peoples.  So when Captain Karzac of The Squat Liberation Army...

...got the call from Paula Personia of New Amazonia,

...saying that a band of Orks had barged in...

...on one of New Amazonia's most favourite days...

...the annual "Classic Oversized Car Celebration and Race"...

Naturally there was a bit of resentment.  Especially since this was the only day of the year that the citizens of New Amazonia can wear whatever they really want to wear.  "How dare these Orks!"  And to make matters worse, New Amazonians are only allowed to accessorize with ceremonial, not functional weapons on this most looked-forward-to-day on the planet's social calendar.  "Oh, how dare these Orks!"

So the call was made to the SLA, The Squat Liberation Army - the underdog, underground heroes of the galaxy!   And in a flash they were there on New Amazonia...The SLA, "Don't call us Squats!"

Yeah, yeah!  I'm looking forward to playing this out in the next couple of days.  I briefly considered using Rogue Trader to fight it out, but no, I am obsessed with the books of the great Donald Featherstone at the moment - So the rules MUST be Featherstone!  In particular, from "Wargames" (1962).

Yes!  I am enamoured of the idea of having one universal set of rules that can be applied to any period and "can fit on the back of a postcard".    I hope to have a fantasy game soon too using these rules.  Incidentally, you can find an ACW game fought with them on the Battling With Britains blog.   Thank you Mr. Featherstone!

Monday, 5 May 2014

A Rough Time for the Republic on Felucia

Fun D20 Star Wars action with The Kid this afternoon. 

   A Gelagrub patrol...

...reports contact with a Droid force on fragrant Felucia.

General Kenobi immediately responds and personally leads the Republican Response.

Captain Rex positions his men.

But Ahsoka Tano is worried.  "I got a bad feeling about this."

"Don't worry, Sir, we've got ya covered."

Please read this in a Separatist Battle Droid voice:  "Clones!  Get them!"

Ahsoka's worries are well-founded - she is defeated by the evil General Grievous!

Who then goes on to best Aalya Secura as well!!  "Give me your Light Sabre, Jedi!"

Yes, it is a bad day to be a Jedi.  Even Obi-Wan learns this!

Soon all is hopelessly lost.  The battle ends with a clever flanking of Captain Rex's position. 

Will the Republic ever recover?...

Thursday, 1 May 2014

The Tyranny of The Painted Miniature

A warm, wonderful Spring evening and a warm, wonderful glow from some cheap scotch had me happily staring at the stars thinking about the absolute wonderfulness of Airfix toy soldiers.

Such perfection! 

But every couple of years I get it into my head that I'm going to paint them...until I open their boxes and see them.  And it always hits me - why would I mess with their purity, their beauty, their yellowy unpainted glory?!   No, no, no, they must remain as they are.   I will not always bow down to the Terrible Tyranny of The Painted Miniature!  Huzzah!


And I really want to play some Necromunda sometime soon!