Sunday, 15 November 2015

Blasters & Lightsabres

Regular visitors to The Privates Eternal will know that I like to indulge in a rather hearty hero-worship of Rick Priestley and Donald Featherstone.  Well, I think I would now like to include Alex Buchel to that list.  This summer I plunged headlong (albeit lately) into both SAGA and Muskets & Tomahawks.   I love these games and want to play them all the time.   So today, when The Kid said he wanted us to play with action figures, I casually suggested, "Hey, why don't we play Muskets & Tomahawks with Star Wars action figures?"

Although, as soon as we got our forces all picked out and the table all set-up, my good friend Professor Elf calls saying that he can't make tonight's Warhammer match, and would it be okay if we had an afternoon game instead?

"Alas", I said, trying to be the Good Dad, "The Kid and I about to play with action figures."

"But what about if we just have a quick SAGA game?", says he, knowing my current weakness.

So Six-Points of SAGA later, which saw my hapless Normans defeated yet again, it was suddenly dark, but a promise is a promise...

An Imperial Space port is alerted to the possibility of a sudden Rebel attack!

    The Imperial forces include:  Officer with The Drill Talent (A 5+ chance of giving a friendly unit a free action)
                                                2 units of 6 Regulars (Stormtroopers)
                                                6 Militia (Bespin Militia)
                                                1 Artillery (E-Web Cannon) w/ 3 crew

Up against:   Yoda with The Backstabber Talent!!!(these talents are randomly determined.)
                    6 Regulars (A couple of Hans(s) and Chewies(s))
                    10 Indians (9 Ewoks and C3P0)
                    4 Rangers (Endor Leia and Troopers)

The Rebel Mission is to destroy four of the spaceships in the Imperial Port.  Yoda's rolled subplot was Emotive - he has to ensure that his force suffers less than 50% losses.  (Which seemed fitting for Yoda.)

The Imperials had to protect their ships and their subplot was: "Let us Thwart Their Plans!"

The Rebels drew a lucky whole series of successive actions and managed to surge up the runway and blow up a Naboo Fighter.

Ewoks in action!  (Ewoks with blasters are very scary!)   C3P0 demonstrates his close-combat technique as he urges his squad into melee with the dreaded Bespin Militia.

One of things that makes Muskets & Tomahawks so enjoyable is the chance of crazy random events suddenly occurring.   Just as the Imperials seemed to be on the edge of defeating the Rebels, a random event card was drawn - Wild Animals!  In this case,  Mynocks!  Huge, very deadly Mynocks, because it turns out this Imperial Spaceport was hidden in a Giant Spaceslug!!   O those crafty Imperials!   Anyway, the Mynocks ended up eating five Stormandsnowtroopers!!!  As if this was not bad enough, two cards later, random event #41 happened - "Casualities amongst officers were high in the 18th century as Daniel Morgan can testify."(!!)   And zap, the Imperial Officer is hit and down.  (It was agreed the shot must of been fired by one of the Hans(s)...)

This causes a Morale Card to be played, and the remaining Imperials find themselves fleeing off the table to the sounds of Rebel victory cheers!

(Although, Yoda did fail his subplot by losing more than half of his force.)

What a Great game!


Meanwhile, stirring in the dark...

Monday, 26 October 2015

Golden Orcs in the Snow

A long-range Orc patrol trudges through the snow...

-"Oi, I vas jus' finkin' 'ow I's ain't see o' fower inna lon' time."

-"Hey, cut that high-faluting High Orc around us!  You're among friends."

-"Sorry, sometimes I get so nervous.  I was just thinking about how I haven't seen a flower in such a long time.  And sorry, my Analyst says breaking out into High Orc is just a compulsive defense mechanism to cope with my extreme self-consciousness about my teeth."

 -"Oh, I can only dream what your Mother would say if she knew you were still in Frorkian Analysis!" 

-"Ho-ho-ho", chuckle the other Orcs.


-"Hey!  What's that over there??!!"

-"Golden Orcs!!"

-"Golden Orcs?"

-"Yes, Golden Orcs.  I should know.  I once saw a Golden Demon."

-"No.   You have never seen nor ever will see a Golden Demon!"


-"Perhaps some horrible creature turned these Orcs into gold?"

-"Perhaps it was that horrible creature!!!!!"

-"Run for it dear friends!"


-"But I just came out to say, 'hello'."

-"Nobody ever wants to play with us..."

Monday, 13 July 2015

Pre-Slotta Dwarves Are Not Gnomes!!

Dwarves have always been my favourite fantasy force.

But they sure are sensitive.

And rather clannish.

 And oi, the arguments!  If it is not the whole First Compendium...

...vs. Second Compendium thing...

Then it's the "Dwarves"...

or "Dwarfs" kerfuffle.

Thankfully, Lord Asgard keeps this all in check.

And keeps everyone calm.

But by Grungni, let's not disturb this hard-earned calm by calling Pre-Slotta Dwarves (and Dwarfs) Gnomes!!

Lord Asgard says, "Thank you."

Tuesday, 23 June 2015


On the very bright and deserty planet of Zork, three bands of Orks meet to clash over a bunch of old automotive scrap.

The long imposing shadow of Gork (or Mork) watches over the proceedings...

The air fills with the roars of loud badly-tuned engines, deafening Waaghing and much Dakka-dakka-ing...

Ork driving skills are put to the test as trukks and buggys all vie for that perfect ram...

But then it is time to settle things in true Ork fashion...

Meanwhile, Dethkopters show their worth...

And some Orks even manage to jump out!

No mercy is of course shown to the immobilized.

In the end, survivors scavenge the battlefield.

Fun three-way modified GorkaMorka in the heat of the afternoon with The Kid and Private H.   This one-off game was to whet our appetites for a full-on GorkaMorka campaign later this summer.  As much as I love the old metal Ork Raiders, it felt great to be hanging out and playing with these wonderful and goofily characterful plastic friends again.   Even makes me want to play some 3rd Edition 40K!   Orks!  

Monday, 8 June 2015

Shadows From A Plastic Game

Bright, bright sun today made for a very shadowy game.  Ended up liking the photos of the shadows more than than the pics of the minis, so....

And then, Yikes!, coming out of the shadows...

Always knew a Zombie Apocalypse would happen on a sunny day.