Monday, 26 October 2015

Golden Orcs in the Snow

A long-range Orc patrol trudges through the snow...

-"Oi, I vas jus' finkin' 'ow I's ain't see o' fower inna lon' time."

-"Hey, cut that high-faluting High Orc around us!  You're among friends."

-"Sorry, sometimes I get so nervous.  I was just thinking about how I haven't seen a flower in such a long time.  And sorry, my Analyst says breaking out into High Orc is just a compulsive defense mechanism to cope with my extreme self-consciousness about my teeth."

 -"Oh, I can only dream what your Mother would say if she knew you were still in Frorkian Analysis!" 

-"Ho-ho-ho", chuckle the other Orcs.


-"Hey!  What's that over there??!!"

-"Golden Orcs!!"

-"Golden Orcs?"

-"Yes, Golden Orcs.  I should know.  I once saw a Golden Demon."

-"No.   You have never seen nor ever will see a Golden Demon!"


-"Perhaps some horrible creature turned these Orcs into gold?"

-"Perhaps it was that horrible creature!!!!!"

-"Run for it dear friends!"


-"But I just came out to say, 'hello'."

-"Nobody ever wants to play with us..."


  1. Gosh, You saved me by skippinh high ork ! I'm just struggling so hard whenever I have to read some !
    Things is now you got me wondering if golden hobgoblins are golden brown ?

    Oh and by the way I'd like to ask your permission to replicate the paintjob of one of your iconic miniatures to include it in a game if you'll let me... please...

    1. Hey Mr. ALMan,

      Nice to have you stop by and ponder golden hobgoblins. It makes one think, doesn't it? And you have me most curious about your request...please tell me more...

    2. Well I have this model I want to paint which you have painted and diplayed before and i'd like to use the exact same colour scheme and possibly his name to use him in spin-offs...

    3. Well, that just sounds super cool, Mr. ALMan! By all means, go for it! And knowing you, it will probably be painted as a mini masterpiece! I look forward to seeing it.

    4. Deal ! it will be painted for next week ;)
      Thanks !

    5. It's out, I hope you like it ^^'

    6. I do, he's great! But now all my minis will want repaints done by you, Mr. ALMan!

  2. Cool, the private returns, glad to see you back. Very humorous battle report, thank for it.
    I find the mention of snow......disturbing.

    1. Cheers, 24_Cigs, thanks! Glad you liked it. And pity our wonderful country is so wacky in terms of snow distrubution - we hardly ever get snow here. Putting my Orcs in snow was a small way for me to play in the snow and dream about snowfalls...

    2. Let's trade locations, ice storms, 4ft snow drifts and ruined roadways, welcome to f@*kin Toronto!

    3. Hey, hey, 24_Cigs, geez, you're making me homesick! I grew up in Toronto and yeah, you're completely right, but sometimes I yearn for a little taste of that winter. Just a little though. Perhaps let's do a trade of three weeks of solid rain for one week of snow. And hopefully let's throw a game or two in there as well - my dwarves have been eyeing your wonderful Skaven force....

  3. What fun....I'm feeling chilly already after reading this sitting here in Blighty (a lovely Autumn day). The cold light in the pics really makes me shiver....brrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  4. Hi Springinsfeld,

    Thanks, I love that cold look - makes me want to make a snowman. Or a Snow Orc.

  5. There are so many beautiful old figures out there. I have that box set of Grenadier Orcies, and a few of those Fantasy Tribes guys. Probably going to sell most of them off because they don't fit into any of my usable armies and I need to make space so I can move my wife and the baby into the house for the winter. It's going to be too cold to keep them sleeping on the lawn. sigh. Great post...dig the wintry setting and its great to see oft-overlooked old minis like those Grenadier Orcs!

    1. Hey, hey Mouse,

      Thanks! And double thanks for noticing those poor overlooked Grenadier Orcs! (I didn't have the heart to correct any Hobgoblin name-callin'!) I love those guys but for years I've had them painted gold simply because, like you, I feel they don't really fit that well with the other tribes. Perhaps one day they'll see their real colours. But hey, if you're gonna sell yours off....well, ah...I can suggest a possible home... especially in light of trying to make it easier for your wife and child to move indoors! And Mouse, it's good to keep your family indoors in the winter. It took a couple of years for me to realize that but I find that my family is very grateful. (And they seem to have lost that bluish tinge that comes from being out in the winter cold for months at a time.) Ah, the selflessness that comes from raising a family!