Friday, 17 January 2014

History Repeats Itself...

"In this blurry-headed time of youthful bluster and bravado, remembers Old Lord Asgard,

...So once again

                         Dwarves  March...

                                                                         ...on Dwarves!!!"

Friday, 10 January 2014

A Couple Classic Citadel Pics

A cold, rainy night listening to Rush and flipping through old wargames mags, found these great pics and thought I share them...

And I included these last two photos simply because I love them, and have spent much time happily staring at them over the years. 

One day I hope this will be the official eternal privates club t-shirt! 

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Keeping It Real/Keeping It Fantasy

It's funny how things work out.

My good friend The Major popped over for a rare game of Stargrunt II earlier tonight.  As we were setting up, The Major started telling me of this encounter he had with a "historical gamer".  Well, this led to a laugh about WWII gamers and their King Tiger armies keeping it real, which of course, led to a discussion about what Early World War II Tank truly was the coolest.  The discussion quickly became rather heated.  Before I knew it, I was challenging my good friend to a game of Flames Of War (a game, mind you, I know he despises!) to settle the question of the coolest, bestest early war tank.  My challenge was answered, but with Blitzkrieg Commander (a game, mind you, I adore)! 


Winter.  1939.  After the invasion of Poland, the German High Command, in a fit of remorse and penance, overthrows Hitler and his Nazi machine, and sues for peace.  France is outraged.  Her armies were ready.  Her pretty tanks all set to go.  But wait, the Soviets!  They invaded Poland too!  France is outraged and sends those pretty tanks into MotherRussia...

The Soviets were ready.

French S-35s capture the village.  These tanks always make me think of ducks.

It was a bit slow-going at first with both sides having a Command Value of 8, and with most tanks having a speed of only 15cm.

But once the KVs got into range, things started happening.

Pretty soon tanks were blowing up all over the place.

But wait a minute, most of the tanks being blown up were Soviet!  By turn 8 the Soviets fail their last breakpoint test and the French are on their way to Moscow.   Great game.  Nice to be playing with the 10mm stuff again.  This is all Pendraken.  Really nice little tanks.

By the way, my current favourite Early War tank is the beautiful T-28. 

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Chainmail with Britains Deetails

The Third Crusade was turning out to be a bit of a disaster - the Turks were about to cross the Rhine!  Luckily Sir King Private Wierd was there with his army of knights.

But were they going to be able to stop the determined Deetails Turks with their new DSG recruits?

They must! 

First, the only bridge across the Rhine must be defended!

But it is stormed!

So Knights do what they do best - they charge!

Elsewhere, the bluffs overlooking the Rhine are surprisingly attacked thanks to the 30 inch charge range of the DSG Light Horse!!

However, The Grand Sultan did not count on the outstanding bravery of the hill's defenders!

O the Archers!  Let their songs of Praise and Glory be sung!

Vicious "Hand-to-Hand" combat rages on in the frigid winter waters of the raging River Rhine!

The tide begins to turn!

Night begins to fall.

And the Grand Sultan has had enough.  He leads his bodyguard off the field of battle muttering something about a bridge too far...

O Yeah, Britains and Chainmail!  A nice way to start off 2014.  Happy New Year!