Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Rebel Assault!

When the Rebel High Command heard about an Imperial gathering on WoTc IV,

A Rebel Assault was ordered and dispatched...                                                                                        

But this planet seemed oddly familiar...

There were even Jawas!

And Jabba?

Spies and double-dealing.

And action!


Yeah!  These are all WOTC Star Wars pre-painted minis.  I think they are really terrific.  And they are perfect for so many games - I have happily used them for Warzone, Imperial Commander, 40K, Star Grunt II, as well as the D20 games The Kid and I sometimes play.   But this weekend I asked The Kid if he wanted a game with the "little rubber Star War guys",  and was met with the reply, "no, I rather use the Rogue Trader ones".   This made me smile and then, made me vaguely sad.   Doesn't he see these fantastic figs as the Britain's Deetails of his generation?!

Oh well. 

But that's not all!  This post was also prompted by an enjoyable visit yesterday to the fine blog, Oldenhammer in Toronto.  After reading it I was all fired up to get out the WOTC minis.  And I'm glad I did.

Now I think I'm going to go out and play in the rain with these great guys...Bye for now.  

Saturday, 7 February 2015

The Undeniable Utter Truth About Space Slann!!!


Yes, ever since Ari changed his name back to Aki, he has been seeing things clearer.  Perhaps too clearly.   The truth as he knew it began to wear heavily on Aki.

"Everybody thinks Space Slann are so cool, but they are shape-shifters from the 4th Dimension and they are controlling our world!" 

Aki paces back and forth in his tiny apartment muttering to himself, "If only I can make everyone aware of this Undeniable and Utter Truth.  Wait.  I must!  That's it!  I will make my message known,  I will gather followers and I will hunt down every last Space Slann!!" 
Unfortunately, while he was deep in thought, various objects began to manifest themselves into Aki's kitchen.

Objects that were in fact conduits and portals to the 4th Dimension!!!!

"Ah-ha", says the great Queen Mother, Lord K___,___,ger, a 33 and a third degree Slann of the High Council of Galactic Moulding and Manipulation.

"We have finally been discovered!"

Within moments the mighty Lord K___,___,ger had gathered a strike team of his finest agents.

"My dears, you will go to back to Earth and sort this out."

And in a flash they were in Aki's apartment.

"You!!!", said Aki, "You don't fool me!  I know what you are!  I know who you are!  You can't hide your identities from me!  I can even name you - William S., Johann Sebastian B., Anthony I., and don't think you get off the hook, Richard P.!!  You have been dominating us for much too long!"

"I know everything about you!!"

"Do you, Aki?" says a new voice, "Do you really?"

"NOOOOOOO!!!", wails Aki, "Not you too, Mabel..."

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Re-doing the 100th post Part One - Private W. tries to figure out Picasa!

Oi, let's do this! 

Ahh, all the pictures are of me!  (O, these meddling Space Slann!)  
But what a handsome guy!