Wednesday 18 February 2015

Rebel Assault!

When the Rebel High Command heard about an Imperial gathering on WoTc IV,

A Rebel Assault was ordered and dispatched...                                                                                        

But this planet seemed oddly familiar...

There were even Jawas!

And Jabba?

Spies and double-dealing.

And action!


Yeah!  These are all WOTC Star Wars pre-painted minis.  I think they are really terrific.  And they are perfect for so many games - I have happily used them for Warzone, Imperial Commander, 40K, Star Grunt II, as well as the D20 games The Kid and I sometimes play.   But this weekend I asked The Kid if he wanted a game with the "little rubber Star War guys",  and was met with the reply, "no, I rather use the Rogue Trader ones".   This made me smile and then, made me vaguely sad.   Doesn't he see these fantastic figs as the Britain's Deetails of his generation?!

Oh well. 

But that's not all!  This post was also prompted by an enjoyable visit yesterday to the fine blog, Oldenhammer in Toronto.  After reading it I was all fired up to get out the WOTC minis.  And I'm glad I did.

Now I think I'm going to go out and play in the rain with these great guys...Bye for now.  


  1. Holy crap - those guys look great in massed array like that. It's a really epic scene... especially that last shot. Totally cinematic. But the star of the show is The Kid... opting for Rogue Trader. Solid. You've raised him up right.
    (And thanks for the shout out!)

    1. Hi Matthew,

      Thank you! And you're welcome about the shout-out, you have a great blog and us Canucks should all stick together (and take over the world!! :) ) As for The Kid, yeah, thanks, he and I like to look at all the various oldhammer blogs together and he is becoming quite the authority on the Golden Age. And he really likes to play with the old guys too!

  2. Amazing scene there....I can't get over the size of your collection (of all figures). You are a true wargamer sir!

    1. Hi Springinsfeld,

      Thanks, glad you liked the scene. The various collections are just the result of obsessiveness, years of mania, and having good connections to comic book stores and etc. These Star Wars guys were all bought at about an average of 50 cents a fig which really should be the price for all miniatures everywhere! And hey, speaking of collections you know I love your minifig and Heritage hordes, and especially all of you 54mm ECW stuff! That just rocks! I hope one day we can share a game of 54mm fun! Thanks for the comment!

  3. Your collection is impressive, most impressive. Getting the younger gen into the old fantasy/40k is no simple task when the iPad/ps4 so easily grabs their attention. Youre spearheading the oldhammer movement for another generation! Onwards with the Canadian conquest!

    1. Hey 24_cigs,

      Thanks for popping by and commenting! As for the young'uns and oldhammering/retro gaming, I must admit I have mixed feelings about it. I am super happy to be able to share my passions and share time in such a wonderful and fun way with the young'uns, but at the same time I want them to have their OWN thing that they can look at in 25 years with happy nostaglia and remembered joy. Perhaps 9th ed. Warhammer will do it. Or hopefully maybe some new system that will hook them and plant a root that brings them back in their adult years. That was part of my hopes for these Star Wars guys - that they would be like Britains Deetails were/are for me. We'll see. Time will tell.

      Also, I see a Canadian Retrogaming event sometime in the next couple of years...

  4. How did you get to play the Imperial March music from Star Wars on your blog? What? That's just in my head! Fantastic.

    Don't be sad about the Rogue Trader thing. It's like discovering Hendrix, in the mid 80s sure it's old-timey music, but heck it's good, and we can still go do grindcore as well. Or something...

    1. Hi Zhu,

      Oh, planting the Imperial March with Hendrix and Grindcore in my head, Zhu! Yeah! Imagine the Imperial March ala Hendrix's treatment of the Star Spangled Banner with a blastbeat Grindcore breakdown in the middle! I wanna listen to it right now!! And you're right too, but I also look forward to the younger generations finding their own cool things to obsess over and love. And I want to sneak in on it too... Thanks for your comment, Zhu.