Sunday, 10 August 2014

Being Inspired By The Beautiful BOYL Siege Game

Yesterday afternoon my son and I excitedly gobbled up the first of the BOYL pictures being posted.  After looking at the siege game it was decided that we MUST play a game with a castle.   So we quickly put together a couple siege towers out of cardboard and nails, and set about creating a table. 

   The Goblin scout, Sneaky Snit Gobblegit Sydney, finds a section of the Great Wall of Bretonnia that is under-defended. 

He tells some friends...

Soon The Great Black Orc Shaman, The Great Wazoo, hears the news, gathers an army unrestricted by edition, scratch-builds some 10 minute Siege-towers and...

   "There's the gate, Boyz!!!"

   "Orcs!  Orcs are approaching!  Raise the Militia!"

  Luckily there are some old friends passing through.  It's Bernard D'Bernard and The Wizard What's-His-Name!  Heroes of Bretonnia.   And everyone knows that great heroes do not cower behind walls - they sally forth to meet the enemy, of course!!

Action!  The Battle commences!   We used a flexible version of wonderful Warhammer 6th edition. 

Goblin bowfire is relentless!

Bernard D'Bernard and The Wizard What's-His-Name get into the thick of it.

There were many old friends in their original paint jobs on the battlefield.  These plastic Orcs were painted by my brother, Sgt. Strange, in 1988.  They find it hard balancing the battering ram while carrying their weapons, so every once and a while they have to rest.

The Orc magic thrown by The Great Wazoo is devastating!!  Here the Foot of Gork takes out my Crimson Brotherhood, my elite old foot knights!

The walls are stormed, and neglected plastics finally see some action.

Once inside, no door can hold back the Green Fury!

And now, once again, poor Bretonnia is beset upon by roving bands of bandits and raiders, giants and boars...

Sunday, 3 August 2014

A Bit Of BOYL West Coast Style

I gotta admit that I'm getting giddy with excitement as the BOYL in Nottingham approaches.  So much so that I thought I would try and put together a little version of it here with a couple of my gaming mates - the eternal privates.  However, summer scheduling always seems to be such a nightmare.  But one doesn't get to be a Private by quitting!  Finding that I had the house to myself today, I moved a turntable and some speakers into the yard, grabbed a bottle of Pernod, and began putting a table together for my own personal BOYL.   Five hours of Hawkwind and Burning Spear later, it was done.

      The sacking of Sehrschonenheim was a wake-up call for all the Good Peoples of the Federation of Friends. 

     "These Chaos Excursions, these Orc raids, these Warlord pillages must be stopped!!"

Yeah, well, I got them set up.  Enjoyed looking at 'em.  Did a couple of funny voices that seemed to fit.  Then took a bunch of pictures and took all the whole thing down.  Fun way to spend a day though.