Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Turn 6 - The Battle Comes To A Close

Six turns is the usual length of a Warhammer game, and yikes, here it is the sixth turn already...

Please see The Thunder Mountain Turn 5.


Shooting at dwarves weighed heavily on Yorri Svensenssonen.  He and his fellow Skirmishers had brought down two of the noble dwarves crewing the Thunder Mountain Bolt Thrower.  And it turned his stomach.  Now the last crew member was giving him a thumbs up sign!  When would it all end?...But wait...what was that?...That distant horn sound...That unmistakeable descending pattern...Dwarves are in trouble!...A Hold is being attacked!...Orcs!..Goblins!...And who knows what else!?...Why would a Dwarf stay fighting Dwarves when Dwarves are trouble??!?(Say that five times fast)...And look!  Ballin hears it too...He feels it too!  He is turning his warriors around...He is leaving the battleline!!!  And there goes Nevermiss and his unit of Crossbows, they are breaking out of their wedge formation and ... and there go the other brave lads of the Grenadier Clan...


   All my Dwarfs except for Asgard's unit, hear the call for help and turn around and move towards my table-edge.

Out of the corner of his eye Lord Asgard sees his troops leaving their positions!...How can this be?...And he sees the gleaming enemy General in front of him...but how can this worthy foe really be an enemy?...and why is he holding his hand to his ear?...and that sound...that sound?...that sound is drowning out the ringing in Asgard's is clearing his is the call of Clan Prince August!?!  They are dire need!  Dire, dire need!  For Asgard knows Prince August well, and he knows that August would never blow his Hold's Warning Horn if it were not for the direst of dire reasons...THEY MUST BE HELPED!!!...A TRUE DWARF MUST ALWAYS AID HIS FELLOW DWARF...Asgard drops his battleaxe, turns his back to his opponent, and quickly puts his armour back on...He spins around to face the Gleaming Dwarf and bows...My Worthy Foe, you and yours have fought well...but you hear that?...we must go...Honour calls us...come with us...the more Dwarves the better...Dwarves must always stand together...Come on Lads!!  Follow Me!...

Asgard and his unit voluntarily withdraw from hand-to-hand combat, turn and move towards my table-edge. 


There is no shooting. 


None of my dwarves are in combat any more.  If you choose, you may have your free hack at my back, Mouse.


All of my dwarves rush towards the nearest route to the besieged Hold of Prince August.

And so ends my portion of the game.  The battlefield is in your hands, Mouse.  Nicely fought and played!  Thank you for an enjoyable gaming experience and experiment!   Happy Holidays too!!

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Rogue Trader, A Renegade Zoat and...

Still dream of FoundryLand for Dec. 15...but instead:

Simon had never seen a Zoat before...

...but now there was one banging on his door!  And it brought friends...THE ULYSSES GANG!!!

So Simon called the local Imperial Constabulary.  And they arrived in a flash.

Led by no other than Brother Inspector Monotheus Himself!

Ulysses knew it was a bad idea to rendezvous with the Renegade Zoat here on this primitive world.  But no matter.  He has seen worse.  And he always makes it.

Mad Dog Finnegan takes aim at the twit in the Space Marine armour...and takes him out!

This is all too much for the local Constables.

And now on to Taris 6...

And everyone left with a Fishman with a Laser!

Thursday, 6 December 2012

If only REAPER had pictures too!

Here are some photos that I was just enjoying from Gary Chalk's and Ian Bailey's wonderful and classic FANTASY WARLORD:

Beautiful stuff.