Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Rogue Trader, A Renegade Zoat and...

Still dream of FoundryLand for Dec. 15...but instead:

Simon had never seen a Zoat before...

...but now there was one banging on his door!  And it brought friends...THE ULYSSES GANG!!!

So Simon called the local Imperial Constabulary.  And they arrived in a flash.

Led by no other than Brother Inspector Monotheus Himself!

Ulysses knew it was a bad idea to rendezvous with the Renegade Zoat here on this primitive world.  But no matter.  He has seen worse.  And he always makes it.

Mad Dog Finnegan takes aim at the twit in the Space Marine armour...and takes him out!

This is all too much for the local Constables.

And now on to Taris 6...

And everyone left with a Fishman with a Laser!


  1. Great minis...looks similar to what I'm aiming at with my Rogue Trader effort

    Posted my intial turn and crappy dice rolls on TFTBB...

    1. Thanks, Mouse. These guys are my brother's. They will soon be off on many more adventures...Maybe some shared...?

  2. Who'd have thought Space Marines couldn't repel firepower of that magnitude!

    Great stuff - RT through and through.

    Sadly I'm only dreaming of fishmen and lasers and a few games of RT at Foundry too.

    1. Thanks, Thantsants. Your RT stuff is just brilliant! It would be so amazing to get all of our toys together sometime for a game...

      But hey, Thantsants, you LIVE in the land of Foundry, that island Mecca of all things miniature and gamey, how could you not go to Foundry?!? (I of course, have no idea of the distance/time involved in such a trip on your end - but still, how could you not go???)

  3. who doesn't love stripy space pants? like a time-machine of loss re-found! zoats rule almost
    as much as dirty street punk miniatures with dreams of shooting at laser wielding fishmen. another
    coffee please.

    1. Hey, Hey Meblander!! These are YOUR miniatures! Everyone, my dear brother, Sgt. Strange (aka Meblander) let me have his wonderful RT figs back in 2000 when I was getting back into the hobby after a decade of dark age neglect. It was he that generously gave me the wonderful 3rd edition Warhammer Fantasy Book and the Rogue Trader book. Also, the original Space Marine box set. Alas, in my stupidity I declined the first edition Blood Bowl Box. Now long gone. But oh well. I just want to take this opportunity to say a BIG Public Thank you to you, Sgt. Strange. I love these RT guys, especially the stripy pants guy and Ulysesses. Thanks again. They are much treasured, although they do not get played with as often as they should. Hopefully in the new Year these guys will be featured in an on-going campaign with all of their new and newish friends...