Monday, 26 October 2015

Golden Orcs in the Snow

A long-range Orc patrol trudges through the snow...

-"Oi, I vas jus' finkin' 'ow I's ain't see o' fower inna lon' time."

-"Hey, cut that high-faluting High Orc around us!  You're among friends."

-"Sorry, sometimes I get so nervous.  I was just thinking about how I haven't seen a flower in such a long time.  And sorry, my Analyst says breaking out into High Orc is just a compulsive defense mechanism to cope with my extreme self-consciousness about my teeth."

 -"Oh, I can only dream what your Mother would say if she knew you were still in Frorkian Analysis!" 

-"Ho-ho-ho", chuckle the other Orcs.


-"Hey!  What's that over there??!!"

-"Golden Orcs!!"

-"Golden Orcs?"

-"Yes, Golden Orcs.  I should know.  I once saw a Golden Demon."

-"No.   You have never seen nor ever will see a Golden Demon!"


-"Perhaps some horrible creature turned these Orcs into gold?"

-"Perhaps it was that horrible creature!!!!!"

-"Run for it dear friends!"


-"But I just came out to say, 'hello'."

-"Nobody ever wants to play with us..."