Thursday, 20 February 2014

Warhammer Armies Pose Part II - The Mysteriously Missing Rick Priestley Pose

First some Hobgoblins to set the mood...

Now, I've always wondered why Rick Priestley was not featured in The Warhammer Armies Book.   Could it be that Rick was sick on the day of the Photo Shoot?  Could it be that the others feared being overshadowed by his undeniable Star Power?  Maybe there is some secret multi-layered Citadel Conspiracy?  Or could it simply be that Rick just brought along an army of Britains that day? 

Or perhaps it was his pose? 

We may never know. 

Regardless, Private Wierd ponders up a possible pose with his Hobgoblin Army.

Together with army's GIant, Joe.

The Trolls of Gamorr.

The Spears of "A'kanslai's Rabid Reavers".  The classic paintjobs on Britains Deetails speak to me like no other...

The Hobgoblin Horde rides towards Pritonnia...

Luckily, a celebrated Hero ("well-known for his luck") also rides...

Monday, 10 February 2014

The Ongoing Struggles of Hrothyogg The Great

Them no pay.

Them insult.

Make Lads feel bad.

Taunt and jeer.

What choice but fight?

'Tis hard being Ogre.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Private Wierd's Warhammer Armies Pose And Posse

Seeing all these great homages to the wonderful Warhammer Armies Poses made me want to throw down too. 

Private Wierd (yes, "ie") pretender to the throne of Pritonnia, with his Pritonnian army.

A unit of Chevaliers D'Honneur, the flower of Pritonnian chivalry, led by Viscomte L'Anguille.

Grand Sorcier, adept of the 'Sacre Bleu' cult.

A unit of Nobelesse D'epee, warrior Knights from the rural provinces.  It's a shame they forgot their horses. 

A unit of Rapscallions (peasant archers), led by Sheriff Rick.

And the Nottingham Boys, led by Knave Robin Andrews, with the Terry Twins and those other guys. 

Ah, Britains!

Next time I think I want to do the Mysterious Rick Priestley Pose.