Thursday, 20 February 2014

Warhammer Armies Pose Part II - The Mysteriously Missing Rick Priestley Pose

First some Hobgoblins to set the mood...

Now, I've always wondered why Rick Priestley was not featured in The Warhammer Armies Book.   Could it be that Rick was sick on the day of the Photo Shoot?  Could it be that the others feared being overshadowed by his undeniable Star Power?  Maybe there is some secret multi-layered Citadel Conspiracy?  Or could it simply be that Rick just brought along an army of Britains that day? 

Or perhaps it was his pose? 

We may never know. 

Regardless, Private Wierd ponders up a possible pose with his Hobgoblin Army.

Together with army's GIant, Joe.

The Trolls of Gamorr.

The Spears of "A'kanslai's Rabid Reavers".  The classic paintjobs on Britains Deetails speak to me like no other...

The Hobgoblin Horde rides towards Pritonnia...

Luckily, a celebrated Hero ("well-known for his luck") also rides...


  1. I think you are absolutely right, Rick's first shots must have been somehow too rigid or too serious to fit in and when his mates told him to get it a bit more "laid back", he overdid it and took a nap alongside his soldiers like on the photo none of these photos had the "attitude" Bryan was after and therefore Rick's presence was banished form the WH Armies book (but what about Nigel?)

    The first 3 photos got me to laugh my share but the last one, what can I say.. I thnk I'll just change my name to "Bellylessman" since I bursted all my guts laughing at that one !
    Every single post of you makes my day,

    1. Hey Mr. ALMan, Yes! What about Nigel!? And the Perry Twins? And the Morrisons? Wouldn't it be great to have shots of all of their armies from that era? Where are those pictures?

      And thank you, Mr.BLMan, I'm happy you enjoyed the pics and the posts. Your Baron Hugues-Edouard and his noble mount have brought many smiles to my face. I hope he will not be offended by my humble homage.

    2. I'm pretty sure the feeling's closer to "honored" than "offended". ;)

  2. Good point about Mr Priestley not being pictured with his army. Could it be that he was far too busy writing all their stuff that he never had time to paint up an army?

    1. Aye, busy the man must of been, but what a great kind of busy! I imagine/fantasize whole multitudes of amazing armies and forces by Rick! Dreams of imagined games of Reaper with glorious pre-slottas all over! And the sci-fi/Star Wars toys used in the making of Rogue Trader!

  3. It'sa shame he's not in the book, because his Orc & Gobbo army, (as featured on the back covers of a number of WDs) was really beautiful and I would have loved to have been able to get a better look at it.

  4. Hey Mouse, I agree. Have you ever seen his Assyrian army? Simply stunning and wowing!