Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Concrete, Bones and 5-up Ward Saves

Been thinking a lot about 5+ ward saves, and how I never take them when putting together any sort of list.  It seems that I can never roll a 5 when I really need a 5.  So I never take any magic item that offers a 5+ ward save.  Until now.   I'm typying this post with my busted right arm in a sling and a slight kev adams face.  Last Friday night as I was biking home from work I didn't make the cut-off to the highway, and definitely did not make my armour save.  Luckily, and unbeknowst to me, I had a 5+ ward save tucked away somewhere.  Perhaps it was that odd-looking scroll in my backpack.  Or was it that Griffin tooth?  Regardless, I am now a 5+ ward save convert.    Here are some completely unrelated photos:

These are from 2011.  I was going through my old picture files and was digging these pics.

The Zorf Brothers.  I love the grain of this photo.

More Zorf.

But just had to end with dwarves!


  1. The way I see it, yuo must never cuont on 5+ ward saves because you can't rely on them. That said, most of the times they work, it's when they are truly needed and that it saves the day.
    I am really glad yours worked on this special occasion and on no other...

    Oh and you should totally keep that big purple sparkling feather in your pocket.

    1. Hey Mr.ALMan,

      Thanks!! And yes! that big purple sparkling feather stays! Now if I can only find something to accessorize with it! Although, come to think of it, the purple does work well with my standard Private Wierd outfit of red shirt, blue pants and black hat...

  2. Man. Boy can I ever feel your pain. My sympathies. If you are housebound and bored, we should get a game together. Nice photos, btw. Love the giants, especially. Who manufactured the blonde giant with the cannon ball? I don't recognize him.

    1. Hey hey Mouse,

      Much appreciated! You know Mouse, when I was getting wheeled to the x-ray room I thought of you and your horse accident. It made me smile to think that both of us share a passion for pre-slotta classic figs, have shared some great internet games and now share some crazy injuries. Who'd a thunk it?

      Thanks about the photos! It was fun going through some of the stuff stored in the old files. The Giant is a citadel C28 series guy. Fantastic series! Different bodies, heads and weapons allow for much variation. I now have seven of them and of course would one day like to have some more.

      As for a game, yeah that would be great! Perhaps via email and we could post it later if either of us want to, or not. I am open to anything but leaning slightly to a tank game if you wanted to give your Shermans a whirl. I'll just bust out my King Tigers...Let me know.

  3. Nice pics. Let's see some more of the EPIC space marines.
    Good luck on a complete recovery I empathize especially if it was your painting arm.

  4. Much thanks, 24_Cigarettes!! I hope your slipped discs are better now too. And yes, there seems to be some impatient rumbling from inside my painting desk. 'Fraid that will be a while before they are visited again. As for Epic, I used to obsess over that scale. Loved Space Marine and the last edition in particular. Although the last time I had the Epic stuff out was to play Future War Commander. I'll try and get some of the Epic stuff on the blog here for you perhaps in the next month or so. Actually, now I really wanna play some Space Marine! Thanks again, 24 Cigs!

  5. Glad to hear the Dice Gods were smiling on you that day! Get some troll steak down you to speed up the regeneration process.

    Another great trawl through your archives too. I'm in a bit of an Epic revival myself at the moment - I second the motion to see more of your 6mm stuff.

    1. Hey Thantsants,

      Cheers!! Trying to get that troll steak in butterscotch...or at least chocolate...

      Thanks too about the archive photos! I'll definitely get some Epic up soonish. I enjoyed your finest legion and look forward to your battlereport. Thanks again for your comment, Thantsants!

  6. Hmmm...after your army poses, I didn't think you had any bones to break. Still, at least you have a spare wrist, so you can type with that one, therefore being able to continue your duties to the oldhammer community. Stiff Upper Lip!

    In all seriousness, though, I'm sorry to hear you lost an argument with the floor. I hope you get better soon and that you're up and biking as soon as possible! It was probably a stupid place to put a cut off anyway...

    Get well soon!


    1. Hey, hey Gaj,

      You're right! It's just that fragile alter-ego guy with the breakable bones - just can't take him anywhere! And Gaj, you are so right, what a kind of place for cut-off!!! Your well-wishes are greatly appreciated, Gaj! And your wonderful comment gave me a happy smile! Thanks, Gaj!