Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Hey, I just found this out and thought I'd share it!

Essex Miniatures is having a sale on their 28mm Fantasy miniatures!  They are great chunky figures that paint up easily (my Essex Dwarfs and Gnomes are tucked away in a the back of my closet otherwise I throw a picture up.  And hey!  They shouldn't be tucked away in the back of my closet!  They need to see the light because they are wonderful sculpts, and they have a nice heft and they are completely contemporary to classic era Citadel stuff.  They are the Ying to Citadel's Yang!  Yeah!)   Plus much of the range is done by Bob Olley.   I'm off to Essex...

Friday, 18 April 2014

Bare Table Gaming - Clan Grenadier vs. Clan Citadel

I've been enjoying the bare table aesthetic that the friendlyfungus has going on at his wonderful Warhammer the Second blog.   So when I heard that Clan Grenadier and Clan Citadel were having trouble again, naturally it just had to be settled on a bare tabletop.

First turn is decided by a Redline Wheel race down the hall.  The Purple Barracuda wins and the Grenadier Clan moves first.

  The time is 1984 on the Dwarven Calendar.  The rules are Chainmail.  The Reason for the fight has never been told. 

But will always be remembered!

Prince Grandir The Quick orders his Halfling Mercenaries to attempt to run round, and then behind the Citadel flank.   The friendly Men of the Dragonlord Company will reinforce them. 

Clan Citadel will have none of this fancy stuff - the order to "Charge" is given.  In the background, the Clan's Magician Jester Igorik Allenerak prepares his first fireball.

A young hero by the name of Ballin slams his unit into the Grenadier Shieldwall. 

The Shieldwall breaks due to Chainmail's funky Post-Morale Math Marathon and prisoners are taken!   One guard per two prisoners.  O I love Chainmail!

Grendor Nevermiss takes out the pesky Igorik in some close-range shooting.

Things are about to be decided!

The Mighty Wizard Grendir Bagotrix works his mighty magiks.

Clan Grenadier is triumphant!

Far from the battlefield a young Thane by the name of Asgard wakes...his life's work is about to begin...