Monday, 1 September 2014

Hobgoblins, Trolls and a GIant named Joe - Warhammering in 54mm

Professor Elf came by for an afternoon of Warhammer.  Surprised him by springing a game with Britains (and friends) instead of the 28's.  Luckily, and thankfully, he didn't run screaming away.

   A'kanslai's Rabid Reavers rip and ravage their way through peace-loving Pritonnia until they reach The Ravine of Reckoning.  It is here that the Might of Pritonnia, Big Jim the giant, and a friendly travelling hero, ask them to stop.   "Oi, but we be Hobgoblins!", shouts A'kanslai, "and we's OK!"

In answer, the Chevaliers D'Honneur, the flower of Pritonnian chivalry, charge towards the Trolls of Gamorr.   Big Jim throws in his support and chucks a large rock at the Hobgoblin centre. 

GI giant Joe slams into the knights. 

And takes them all out!

Meanwhile, Big Jim decides he much rather wave than throw any more big rocks.

Elsewhere on the battlefield, those Rapscasllions from Nottingham chase off the Hobgoblin fast cavalry.

While Hobgoblin heavy cavalry smashes into the "Villains". 

But wait!  These "Villains" are really Templars!  Templars in plate armour!  And these plated Templars have "Unending Righteousness" (can never lose their Stubborn and their Hatred)!!  

 But all this means nothing to the Treeman. 

He remains rooted to the spot.  Not taking sides, not even showing the slightest interest in the battle raging all around him.   (Each turn we diced to see if the Treeman would join the game.  But he never moved.)

I'm not really sure how to describe the travelling Hero's sudden rear attack on the Trolls from Gamorr.

The Trolls break and run. 

Although, all is not lost for the Hobgoblins.  They rip through the Pritonnian Longbow Wedge.

And GI giant Joe charges into Big Jim.  He uproots a tree along the way and raises it... the cheers of encouragement from his fans in the stands. 

Unfortunately for Joe, Big Jim uses this pause to sneak in his own clubbing attack first, and,  WHACK!  The Winner!

The Hobgoblin Horde surrenders!

A super fun game.  Simply a joy to play with the Britains and the "Boy Dolls".  Big thanks to the Professor for being open to playing with these toys!