Saturday, 3 January 2015

Chainmailing in The New Year - The Battle of Snowy Mountain Pass

Happy New Year Everyone!

   The Major and I broke in 2015 with a game of Chainmail last night.  Glorious Chainmail! Unfortunately, I still had no batteries for my camera, but the Major kindly left his Dark Elves over so I could restage some of the action this afternoon.  Anyway, here now are some pics:

     The Dark Elves block the mountain pass!

But the Dwarves and their Human friends (and creatures) must get through!

"You shall not pass!!"

"Let loose the pets!"

No turning back.

Dragons charge and begin the first fight of the battle.

And Dwarves march resolutely on towards the deadly Dark Elf lines.  Actually, I was a little disappointed when The Major brought his Dark Elves over - I was expecting his beautiful Amazons.   But these Dark Elves are a treat too. 

Main event stuff now...

Combat with Fantastical creatures is done on the following chart.  One die roll is all that is needed!  No multiple wounds, no special rules, just instant action!

The Dark Elves watch in horror as their Manticore is torn to pieces by Grenadruch The Red Dragon.

Speaking of dragons in Chainmail, a Hero armed with a bow can shoot and kill a flying Dragon on 2D6 roll of a 10+!  This is exactly what Grendir Nevermiss did!  (Although it did take him three tries and the loss of most of his unit before he succeeded.)

The Dark Elf general challenges Fra-Na-Zorf, the friendly giant, to personal combat - and loses!

The Dark Elf lines begin to crumble.  The Dwarves raise the Blue Flag of Everlasting Victory!  Huzzah!!

More Chainmail tables.

Chainmail!  Hopefully this return to Chainmail will be the start of a whole series of gaming with classic rulesets for 2015!