Monday, 10 February 2014

The Ongoing Struggles of Hrothyogg The Great

Them no pay.

Them insult.

Make Lads feel bad.

Taunt and jeer.

What choice but fight?

'Tis hard being Ogre.


  1. Replies
    1. Oi! Ain't it the truth, Mr. ALMan, ain't it the truth. Poor Hrothyogg and his company of friendly mercenaries fought some hard, hard fights for the Empire, but were shown absolutely no respect. No Rewards. No Recognition. Heck, they weren't even paid! This led to a campaign where Hrothyogg tried to get his boys' rightful moneys. Three battles were fought using our escalation table for campaign games. These pics are from the last battle, which I must unfortunately report, was a decisive defeat for my poor veteran Ogres. All the games were played a la HordeHammer. I really do enjoy using the Horde rule. And I love Ogres in Horde Formation! But I hate having to face poxy Empire Greatswords in Horde. Egads! Thanks for popping by!

    2. Payment with ostracism, what a shame...
      I'm painting some reinforcements for these poor chaps. The ogre cause is still alive as long as there's one breathing !

    3. Yes, Mr. ALMan! Paint away! Ogres must repopulate our gaming tables and take over the world!! "O is for Ogre!!!"

  2. If you think their lives are hard now, wait until you get a look at their womenfolk.

    1. Perhaps, Mouse. But in a way I also picture the Ogres' womenfolk to be real knockouts! I kept hoping for a White Dwarf swimsuit issue. I guess it will never come now...