Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Private Wierd's Warhammer Armies Pose And Posse

Seeing all these great homages to the wonderful Warhammer Armies Poses made me want to throw down too. 

Private Wierd (yes, "ie") pretender to the throne of Pritonnia, with his Pritonnian army.

A unit of Chevaliers D'Honneur, the flower of Pritonnian chivalry, led by Viscomte L'Anguille.

Grand Sorcier, adept of the 'Sacre Bleu' cult.

A unit of Nobelesse D'epee, warrior Knights from the rural provinces.  It's a shame they forgot their horses. 

A unit of Rapscallions (peasant archers), led by Sheriff Rick.

And the Nottingham Boys, led by Knave Robin Andrews, with the Terry Twins and those other guys. 

Ah, Britains!

Next time I think I want to do the Mysterious Rick Priestley Pose.


  1. Brilliant ! I have nothing else to say, the pose, the serious look and the stiff upper lip, excatly how I portrayed you !

    BTW : the sorceress of the Sacrebleu is looking gorgeous ;)

    1. By the way, would there be any chance you'd like to play some DnD with us on the oldhammer forum?, we have a ongoing game atm and I feel you could easily fit in ;)

    2. Thanks, Mr. ALMan! I liked your pose as well. Especially the windblown hair look!

      And yes, Pritonnia Magic is well-known for its transformative powers/wonders!

    3. Oops, I somehow flipped the replies around...

      Thank you for the invitation to play, Mr.ALMan. I would love to play, but I really can't commit to anything but quick one-off on-line gaming at the moment. Also, although I do happily lurk about, I am much too manic and impulsive and compulsive to be any sort of good forum type of guy. Thanks though. One day I look forward to sharing a table!

    4. No prob mate, I'll try to make reports of our dwellings in the blog when enough has been accomplished. ;)

  2. Rugged and handsome. Just like I'd imagined you. Nice army, too.

    1. Aw, shucks, Mouse. If you only knew of the masking-tape keeping my stuffing in...And thanks too about the army! I want to game with nothing but Britains at the moment! The True Scale! If only Britains made Dwarves!!!

  3. I dunno. I always imagined you were a bit taller. Nice poker face, though!

    Anyway, what a good idea! I've been debating the army pose thing as well, but I haven't been able to stump up the courage to explain it to my wife. The thing I need is an avatar!

  4. Hi Gaj,

    A bit Taller? Hey, the world is just over-sized! And thanks Gaj, but what do you mean an avatar? I always thought the saluting green guy was you(!) until I was surprised by all those Foundry O**hammer pics that showed otherwise! And speaking of being a photogenic superstar posterguy of the movement, I just saw that you are the Page 6 Boy in Wargames illustrated (issue 313 - Nov.'13)!! Nicely done! Looking forward to seeing your pose, Gaj, and to gaming together someday.