Sunday, 10 August 2014

Being Inspired By The Beautiful BOYL Siege Game

Yesterday afternoon my son and I excitedly gobbled up the first of the BOYL pictures being posted.  After looking at the siege game it was decided that we MUST play a game with a castle.   So we quickly put together a couple siege towers out of cardboard and nails, and set about creating a table. 

   The Goblin scout, Sneaky Snit Gobblegit Sydney, finds a section of the Great Wall of Bretonnia that is under-defended. 

He tells some friends...

Soon The Great Black Orc Shaman, The Great Wazoo, hears the news, gathers an army unrestricted by edition, scratch-builds some 10 minute Siege-towers and...

   "There's the gate, Boyz!!!"

   "Orcs!  Orcs are approaching!  Raise the Militia!"

  Luckily there are some old friends passing through.  It's Bernard D'Bernard and The Wizard What's-His-Name!  Heroes of Bretonnia.   And everyone knows that great heroes do not cower behind walls - they sally forth to meet the enemy, of course!!

Action!  The Battle commences!   We used a flexible version of wonderful Warhammer 6th edition. 

Goblin bowfire is relentless!

Bernard D'Bernard and The Wizard What's-His-Name get into the thick of it.

There were many old friends in their original paint jobs on the battlefield.  These plastic Orcs were painted by my brother, Sgt. Strange, in 1988.  They find it hard balancing the battering ram while carrying their weapons, so every once and a while they have to rest.

The Orc magic thrown by The Great Wazoo is devastating!!  Here the Foot of Gork takes out my Crimson Brotherhood, my elite old foot knights!

The walls are stormed, and neglected plastics finally see some action.

Once inside, no door can hold back the Green Fury!

And now, once again, poor Bretonnia is beset upon by roving bands of bandits and raiders, giants and boars...


  1. What a great game with your son. I love the giant green footprint!

    1. Thanks, Springinsfeld! Yes, it was a joy to play. And I love the Foot of Gork template too, came out of the Warhammer Magic Box. Any opportunity to use it is always good for a laugh. In this game there was a bit of a Foot of Gork rampage - I didn't include the other photos of all the stomping that went on. Great, fun stuff!

  2. Big table - Check
    Cool models - Check
    Castle and attackers - Check
    Combed hair and ties - Well… can't really see but let's assume yes

    You seem to have come up with one excellent game !

    1. Thanks, Mr. ALMan! But what is missing is a crazy SHIU Killdozer driving on the table. The Bretonnians really could have used the help!

  3. A lovely foot. Great to see the boyz again. Bring back '88!!

    1. Hey Meblander,

      I love that foot too! Want to use more of the Warhammer Magic Box stuff. And yes, good to see your boyz! Everytime I see them I picture that wonderful photo of you painting them!