Tuesday, 23 June 2015


On the very bright and deserty planet of Zork, three bands of Orks meet to clash over a bunch of old automotive scrap.

The long imposing shadow of Gork (or Mork) watches over the proceedings...

The air fills with the roars of loud badly-tuned engines, deafening Waaghing and much Dakka-dakka-ing...

Ork driving skills are put to the test as trukks and buggys all vie for that perfect ram...

But then it is time to settle things in true Ork fashion...

Meanwhile, Dethkopters show their worth...

And some Orks even manage to jump out!

No mercy is of course shown to the immobilized.

In the end, survivors scavenge the battlefield.

Fun three-way modified GorkaMorka in the heat of the afternoon with The Kid and Private H.   This one-off game was to whet our appetites for a full-on GorkaMorka campaign later this summer.  As much as I love the old metal Ork Raiders, it felt great to be hanging out and playing with these wonderful and goofily characterful plastic friends again.   Even makes me want to play some 3rd Edition 40K!   Orks!  


  1. Great looking game. The sand and sunlight make the shots quite realistic.

    1. Thanks Springinsfeld! I really enjoy a game that has natural elements in it - I feel it brings our little lead/pewter/plastic/rubber friends more to life. (Sometimes they just need a little push to shake off their static poses they get stuck in!)

  2. So very very jealous; a gorkamorka campaign?! Yes please, I remember that game when it came out and had fantastic times playing.
    Your outdoor games look quite good, pls keep us up to date on your conquest in the name of Gork, or Mork, whichever really.

    1. Hi 24_Cigs,

      Yeah, it is such a fun game! Even just the idea of a bunch of Orks driving around the desert collecting stuff for teef to trade for more Dakka just makes me smile. I hope the campaign will happen. There is talk of building a Mektown, so will see...

  3. I love that outdoor photography! It makes the sandy terrain all that much better - what a magnificent looking game.
    All it needs is a Mektown...

    1. Hi Matthew,

      Thanks for the nice comment, I just saw it right now! And yes, outdoor games make for easier picture taking and definitely gives the image an extra edge/bite/realistic quaver. It makes the miniatures happier too I think, although I hear some complaining about the heat!

      And a Mektown is in the works! Hopefully by August, when the GorkaMorka campaign will kick off, there will be some sort of Mektown. Bring Out Your Teef 2015, (BOYT 2015).