Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Prelude to Donald Featherstoning Rogue Trader or An Attack on New Amazonia Part One

Dwarves and Amazons have had a rich, yet rather complex history together.  Some may even recall ancient battles, but most of us nowadays tend to think of the friendship and good times between the two peoples.  So when Captain Karzac of The Squat Liberation Army... the call from Paula Personia of New Amazonia,

...saying that a band of Orks had barged in...

...on one of New Amazonia's most favourite days...

...the annual "Classic Oversized Car Celebration and Race"...

Naturally there was a bit of resentment.  Especially since this was the only day of the year that the citizens of New Amazonia can wear whatever they really want to wear.  "How dare these Orks!"  And to make matters worse, New Amazonians are only allowed to accessorize with ceremonial, not functional weapons on this most looked-forward-to-day on the planet's social calendar.  "Oh, how dare these Orks!"

So the call was made to the SLA, The Squat Liberation Army - the underdog, underground heroes of the galaxy!   And in a flash they were there on New Amazonia...The SLA, "Don't call us Squats!"

Yeah, yeah!  I'm looking forward to playing this out in the next couple of days.  I briefly considered using Rogue Trader to fight it out, but no, I am obsessed with the books of the great Donald Featherstone at the moment - So the rules MUST be Featherstone!  In particular, from "Wargames" (1962).

Yes!  I am enamoured of the idea of having one universal set of rules that can be applied to any period and "can fit on the back of a postcard".    I hope to have a fantasy game soon too using these rules.  Incidentally, you can find an ACW game fought with them on the Battling With Britains blog.   Thank you Mr. Featherstone!


  1. Remember you have to be dressed as good as they are with your hair perfectly combed for these rules to be enjoyed.
    Apart from that, the models used an setting are completely irrelevant and you should have far more fun than the average guy could handle.

    Hopefully, you're no average guy.

    1. Yeah, thanks, Mr. ALMan, hopefully it will be fun. The ACW game sure was and the rules played so smoothly.

      Sorry, just a regular ol' midnite game freak with hair combed like Donald Featherstone and a very cool suit.