Monday, 5 May 2014

A Rough Time for the Republic on Felucia

Fun D20 Star Wars action with The Kid this afternoon. 

   A Gelagrub patrol...

...reports contact with a Droid force on fragrant Felucia.

General Kenobi immediately responds and personally leads the Republican Response.

Captain Rex positions his men.

But Ahsoka Tano is worried.  "I got a bad feeling about this."

"Don't worry, Sir, we've got ya covered."

Please read this in a Separatist Battle Droid voice:  "Clones!  Get them!"

Ahsoka's worries are well-founded - she is defeated by the evil General Grievous!

Who then goes on to best Aalya Secura as well!!  "Give me your Light Sabre, Jedi!"

Yes, it is a bad day to be a Jedi.  Even Obi-Wan learns this!

Soon all is hopelessly lost.  The battle ends with a clever flanking of Captain Rex's position. 

Will the Republic ever recover?...


  1. Great stuff. Couldn't help but hear the narrator's voice from the clone wars animated series as I read the first few captions

    1. Hey, thanks, 24_Cigarettes! Yes, now that you mention it I can hear the narrator's voice too. We are big fans of the Clone Wars series here at the privates eternal! And of these rubber figs too. Wonderful sculpts, and the pre-paints have a nice Britain's Deetail vibe to them. Plus you can play in the rain with them!