Saturday, 20 December 2014

Cedana Leaves Home/Civilian Pics for a Bottomless Blogging Buddy

Now that the Apocalypse was in full swing, Cedana thought it might be a good time to finally leave home. 

"Now be careful, darlin'", says Ma.

"And stay away from the freaks!"

"Who you calling freaks?"

"Ah Pa, it's them darned Freaks again..."



  1. Someone's about to get the bad kind of lead... I love it!
    Many thanks from your BBB ;)

    1. Hey, you're welcome, BBB! It was fun to see some of these guys again. And I'm sure Ma only loads her shotgun with the good stuff - Perry Dwarves!

  2. Lol pretty damn funny. Love the canada post truck I've got freaks no I mean friends who work there (they are freaks btw) looks like you're having a good time with this project.

  3. Hey thanks, 24 Cigs! I love the Canada Post truck too and I love good old Canada Post! Got some good friends that work there too. And yes, it is a blast getting back into the Post-Apoc/Near Future skirmish stuff again. Hopefully the new year will see some more of that type of gaming.

  4. Great paint jobs!
    I love those civilians - who produced them?

    By the way, it is nice to find another Canadian wargamer/blogger!

    1. Thanks Matthew! These were all painted about 13 or 14 years ago when I used to play a lot of near-future type skirmish games. Cedana is from the Shadowrun line, I believe. Aaron, the guy by the Canada Post truck, is a bonus figure from a Foundry Street Violence pack. Ma and Pa are Ground Zero Games figures. GZG is so underrated, I feel. I love their miniatures! They are true 25mm, so they look a little small compared to their 28mm friends, but they are terrific! Everytime I see them I just want to play Star Grunt II! As for the Freak brothers they are just GW Grots with a bit of green stuff on them. I made them when I came across a stash of Freak Bros. comics.

      And yes, it is nice to see fellow Canadian gamers/bloggers too! It is too bad you and 24 Cigs are on the other side of our glorious big country. Perhaps one day hopefully we can all get a game in together. Maybe even a BOYL Canada style!