Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Nick Lund's Future Warriors: Kill Zone

The Mayans were right!  At exactly 12:01a.m.  December 21, 2012, the first meteor struck.  Then came the floods.  And then the fires.  At 12:37 the Zombie Plague began.   By 4:20 a.m the first of the missiles were launched.   Many more then came.  In Los Angeles, at precisely 8:40 a.m., Elton John announced he will launch his Save Our Planet World Tour.   Yes, the true End Times had begun!   Civilization crumbles.  Good people take up arms and join gangs...

Nicolas, Mabel, Ari and Paula, park their cool car and ask a local youth where all the post-apocalyptic action is...

Meanwhile, the Vice Squad is still at work...

Mabel and Ari search the ruins of the city.  They pass a large green cube to remind them they are on a Stay Sharp order.

"Hold it right there," says Mordecai, "This street is ours!!"

But Ari listens to no-one but his own inner demons.  He runs down the street firing his machine pistol.

Dakka-dakka-dak - he's hit!  His love Mabel rushes to his side.

"Har-har-har", laughs Gerhart.

Mabel somehow lifts her very heavy handgun and...

"That was my Man!", screams Tori Heart Love.  And she charges into Hand to Hand Combat with Mabel.

And wins.

Paula is not impressed.

She goes on a bit of a rampage.

A security camera catches Mordecai's escape as he flees from the scene.

At the end everyone gets up to show that they are all okay, and then they bow.

Played some quick Future Warriors with the Major tonight.  Great fun.  I love machine pistols in these rules!



  1. Wow, that escalated quite quickly !

    Sorry fpor asking such a trivial question but where's that model with the ghetto blaster from?

    1. Once the Apocalypse hits, things definitely tend to move quickly - no time for contemplation and moral considerations! Plus those machine-pistols are just too fun to shoot!

      And Mr. ALMan, don't worry about asking a mini id question, to me that's half the fun of blogging and visiting other people's blogs - to check out all the pretty miniatures and linger thoughtfully over the photos and dream. I'm pretty sure the mini that you are asking about is a Shadowrun figure. I bought him about 14 years ago in a bargin bin at Imperial Hobbies, which is the best Hobby store on the entire West Coast of North America (or at least of the ones I've visited). He came with a female hacker with a keyboard. (I'll try and find her and include her in a post sometime soon - she's a great mini as well.) Actually, I think there may of been another figure in the blister too. Anyway, hope that is of some help.

    2. Thanks a lot ! These are exactly the kind of models I seek for RT but it seems they're going to be tricky to find. Ah nevermind they'll get around when they're meant to !
      I'm eager to see he others you mention now.

    3. Hey Mr. ALMan, you're welcome. I'll try and post those pics for you either tonight or tomorrow.

  2. Looks like that was a lot of fun! I love those old Grenadier Post Apocs minis...

    1. Hey Mouse, yeah, it was nice to return to a near-future/Post-Apoc. skirmish! I used to play these types of games all the time, but never seem to get around to them anymore which is a shame because they are a lot of fun and I have a whole whack of minis for them that never get played with and enjoyed. Hopefully more of this in the new year!