Sunday, 12 May 2013

Turn 3

Bolter shots everywhere!  Kern is hit!  He's down!  And no!  There goes Wide-Eyed Jake.  Down.  (And he didn't even see it coming.)   Two Bolter shots hit Ulysses!  But that blackmarket Carapace Armour stops them dead. 

Turn 3
The table at the start of my turn.

MovementReese McGee stays in the barn aiming at the Orks by the farmhouse.   The Squats ("Don't Call Us Squats!") also stay put and aim at the Farmhouse Orks.

Ulysses takes his Drug Test and passes it (BOO!, no Frenzy this turn) but he still charges into base-to-base contact with Viv.  Finnegan also charges into combat with the heavy weapon Ork.   The Man From Gamma Gamma 4 charges and reaches another Ork in the same squad.  Gaxt and Mordecai charge too but do not make it into contact with anybody. 

Bert sees Mykhul.  He feels nervous.  He feels scared.  He takes a FEAR test on 3D6 rolling a 3, 4, 4.  He has to take the highest two, but Hooray(!) his Leadership is 10!   Bert The Zoat charges into combat with the Ork Warboss.

Tiny and Ace hop the fence and charge into base contact with two of the Pyro boyz. 

ShootingThe Space Dwarves all fire and all miss.   Reese McGee, true to form, hits and wounds one of  Neel's Orks by the Farmhouse.

CombatHey Mouse, we get to do some 2nd edition combat now! I'm very excited about this.   Second Edition Combat is my favourite 40k combat.   How would tomorrow night after 9:30 work for you?

This is my table at this moment:

Now a little later, after the combat:

Please see the Combat results in the Comments section below.

This is my turn.



  1. Sorry, PW! My internet went down over the weekend. I'll post my moves tonight. Talk to you soon!

  2. Curse your carapace armor, Ulysses!

    OK, close combat...I haven't played this version of the game for probably 15 years...just glancing over some of it, I'm really impressed...I'd forgotten how GOOD a lot of the mechanics are...

    In the fight between Bert and Warboss Mykhul, Myk rolls a 2, a 3 and 2 6's, which if I'm not mistaken, should give him a combat score of 7...'

    In the scrap between Tiny, Ace and Rikk's 2 Pyros, the Pyros roll up combat scores of 3 against tiny and 5 against Ace...

    In the tangle betwixt Viv and Ulysses, frenzied Viv rolls up a combat score of 7. He rolled 2 sixes. Amazing, but I don't think it will do him much good up against your best guy. Still, way to go Viv. Last great act of defiance.

    In the fight between Finnegan and the heavy weapon Ork, the Ork rolls a 3, but he is encumbered, so his adjusted score is two. The last of Vivyun's guys rolls a 1...which I think gives him a score of He gets a one, but it does mean that The Man From Gamma Gamma 4 gets to add +1 to HIS combat score...ok...I think that's everyone...

    1. Hey Mouse,

      "It's all about Fashion!", chortles Ulysses about his wonderful carapace armour, "It's all about how you look that matters!"

      Now the fight:

      Bert rolled a 2,4,4 for a combat score of 10 (4 +WS 5 +1 for charging) vs your Mykhul's 12 (6 +1 for a Critical hit, +WS5 for being a Big Boss). So he did two hits on poor Bert. Ow! You can roll to wound. Bert is T5.

      Tiny rolls a 5,4,3 for a score of 10 (5+WS4+charge) vs. your 6 (3 +WS3). Tiny hits 4 times and wounds three times at S5! Bye-bye OrK!

      Ace rolls a 6. Combat score (6 +WS3+charge) 10 vs. (5 +WS3) 8= two hits. One wound (S3) on your other Ork.

      Now the Main Event, Ulysses rolls a 6,6,5,5 (no, seriously!) for a score of (6+critical+WS6+charge) 14 vs. your Nob's (6+critical+WS4) 11 = 3 hits, of which Ulysses wounds with two of them (S4).

      Finnegan rolls a 4 (4+WS4+charge) 9 vs 5. 4 hits, 2 wounds at S4 from Finnegan.

      The Man from Gamma Gamma 4 rolls a 2,2,3 (3+WS5+fumble+charge)=10 vs 4 (1 + WS3). 6hits of which The Man From Gamma Gamma 4 only wounds with one!!?! S4.

      Whew, Mouse. I love combat in 2nd edition!

  3. The Ork of Neel's that got shot in the farmhouse yard did not make his save, so he's down.

    Ah...I see how it works...ok...

    Warboss Mykhul's 4 attempts to wound Bert all failed. What a weenie.

    Tiny kills his Ork.

    The Ork fighting Ace makes his save, rolling a 6.

    Viv did not make his saves, so he dies. Finnegan kills Viv's Bolt gunner, wiping out Vivyun's squad.

    Gamma Gamma guy flails away at empty air, since there's no-one left to kill.

  4. For my turn, Neel amazingly passes his stupidity test and runs7 inches round to the front of the farmhouse. Rikk passes his Cowardice test and charges Tiny, together with 1 other Ork. The remaining 2 Orks attack Ace, 1 already fighting him, while 1 charges.

    In shooting Phase, 2 Orks in Farmyard fire their bolters at Captain Ulysses' bunch. One Ork sucks, but another gets a 4 to hit and a 5 to wound, so that should ruin somebody's day over there. The missile launcher Ork takes aim directly at the bridge of Captain Ulysses' nose and fires a melta missile at him. He rolls a 2 for distance and a hit, which is as good as it gets, I think. I may have to promote him to nob if he survives the battle. Anything but a 1 will wound and the ork rolls a 4 to wound and a 4 for damage.

    Warboss Mychul flails away desperately at Bert, rolling 3 2's and a 4, so his combat score will be a 10, I believe.

    Over where Vivyun's squad is, nothing happens because everyone is dead. Viv sits disgusted in the midst of his annihilated squad, brooding on the failures of his leadership, and using his head as his new stool.

    On Rikk's side of the table, Rikk's combat score against Tiny is a 9, (rolled a 4, WS 4 plus 1 for charging, and the other Ork gets a 7.
    The 2 Orks fighting Ace both roll 3's so the one who charged gets a CS of 7, and the other gets a 6.

    And that's what I got. I'll write it up and post it sometime this weekend.

    I should be around tonight if you want to take another round.

    1. HEY!! What did you do to Ulysses!!??!

      Finnegan survives his bolter hit and will have to roll a Monster reaction test for his response to the demise of Ulysses. (What did you do to Ulysses??!! How could you?!!!? I'm still in shock...)

      Bert rolls a 2,3,6 for a score of 10 too. Is Mychul a Warboss or a Big Boss? If he is a Warboss, the combat is drawn because both he and Bert are each Initiative 5. If Mychul is a Big Boss (I4), then Bert wins the combat by 1 and rolls one D6 to wound - a 2! so no wound anyway.

      I love Viv sitting on his head disgusted! I just saw the train window scene with Viv. Perfect!

      Tiny rolls a 1,5,6, for a result of 10 (6 +WS 4). But my fumble gives another point to Rikk so he gets a 10 too. Tiny is I4 (which is a nice surprise) vs. Rikk's I3, so one Tiny scores one hit of him. Tiny rolls a 3 to wound, and he does! Rikk has one S5 wound on him. And is dead if he is a Nob. And he is a bit of a Nob, isn't he?

      Tiny then rolls against the other Ork. 2,4,6, which gives him a score of 10 again. But Mouse, your other Ork can roll another D6 (outnumbering bonus) and also adds +1 to his combat total.

      Ace rolls a 5 against the first Ork, for a 8. He rolls to wound, a 2, nothing.

      Against the second Ork Ace rolls a 1! for a combat score of 4. Your other Ork gets his Outnumber extra D6 and +1 bonus, Mouse.

      Boy oh boy, I love 2nd edition!

    2. The Ork vs. Ace also adds a +1 for my fumble.

    3. ok, I rolled my bonus d6s, but they were lame rolls, so their combat scores should not I should have 1 hit on Ace, right?

    4. 4 hits on Ace, Mouse. Ow! The second Ork has rolled a 3 + WS3 +1 for outnumbering +1 for the fumble = 8 vs Ace's 4 = 4 hits on poor Ace. Roll to wound and I'll try and put my turn up.