Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Elves are up to something...

...forming strange new alliances...

...inspiring strange new loyalties...

...and she is behind it all.


  1. Gragghr! An awe-inspiring collection! She does indeed, look like trouble. Wonder what she's up to?
    I also wonder who was the manufacturer of the centaur in the third picture?

  2. Hey Mouse, thanks! Yes, I think she's going to be causing some trouble in the next couple of months.

    Those Centaurs are Ral Partha ones from the early/mid 90's. They all came with spears, but I raided my Mordheim bits box for two of them. I hope to have a Centaur army put together by the end of the summer.

    1. Hey, if possible, let's try to finish up our 40k game this weekend or next weekend. First week of June I am leaving town and won't be back til the end of the month...I'm sure you'll want to have your game board free during that time...

    2. Hi Mouse, sounds good. Roll your saves and take your turn 4 and let's go!