Thursday, 2 May 2013

Turn Two

Please see Mouse's turn two.

"AaAahhhHHH,"  roars Ulysses, as the full hit of Frenzon blasts through his body.  YEAH!  Images trip on by.  Orks on our ship.  100's of them.  Us outnumbered by at least a 100 to one.  Then they let us go.  Suckers.  Fell for the old treasure map routine.  But wait, Horus it, could there really be one of my old stashes there?...And now here I am.  It's raining.  And Orks are shooting.   And there goes Harrison.   Down.     Red.  Everything is Red...  "AAAAAHHHHH!!!"

Ulysses fails his drug test and goes into a Frenzy.  He runs towards the nearest Ork group, screaming and waving his Bolt pistols in the air.   Mad Dog of course follows.  They are joined by the running Space Elf,  Kern Proudbrow.  Wide-eyed Jake trails behind. 

The Man From Gamma Gamma 4, Gaxt and Mordecai all run towards the centre Ork group.  Bert The Zoat turns and moves his 7inch WALK also towards the centre Ork group.  The Squats ("Don't call us Squats") move 3inches forward.  But the LasCannon stays where it was.  (And Ah, Mouse, I just realized I moved these guys and fired my Las Cannon, which hit and caused a mighty S9!  wound on your centre Orks.   Are we going to keep coherency rules, or can units break up and individuals within the group do different things in this small skirmish?) 

 Tiny and Ace run to the Barn Fence.

Reese McGee runs up to the second floor of the barn.

In the shooting phase my Space Dwarves are amazing!   I score hits from all and wounds from the two Boltguns and (if we allow it) the LasCannon.  All these shots were on your Centre group.

Bert The Zoat also hits and wounds with his Bolt Pistol.

That's my turn, Mouse. 


  1. Hey, Amigo! Sorry I passed out last night. I'm hurrying through my turn on my way out the door to go to work. Should be up on my blog in a little bit. I am inclined to want to stick to the squad coherency rules since we started the game with them in effect and all my guys have been using them...I'll be back Sunday night-ish. Talk to you then!

  2. oops. I see your Zoat got another wound on Vivyun's mob. I'll knock another one over...that should make three kills for your guys, if we don't count the las-cannon, yes?

  3. Ok. I posted my turn. My guys were pretty lame, Except for Rikk's mob, who, unless I'm mistaken, (which is quite possible), did really, really well. Sorry. Anyway, Talk to you Sunday-ish.