Monday, 23 June 2014

A Whole Lotta Clanning Going On

When Harold from Clan Minifigs told Thane Redbeardbrokensword of Clan Citadel (The Fantasy Tribes Branch of the clan) the news of that upstart Thane Asgard (of Clan Asgard) uniting Clan Grenadier and Clan Citadel (the Second Compendium branch), Thane Redbeardbrokensword knew his clan was next.  But he had a plan. 



"Walruses.  We're gonna get us some Walruses.  Let's get the clan moving!"

Gunnar Gordonsson couldn't believe his ears.

"But Thane, it's freezing up there in Walrus land!  What do we want with Walruses anyway?"

"We must stop Asgard," says Thane Redbeardbrokensword, "We got the artillery..." all we need is some cavalry, and I hear there is a mighty Clan up north riding walruses.  I want us to ride walruses too!  Let's get the lads moving!  A Walrus hunting we will go!"

But barely a day into their journey a Clan of Giants bars the dwarves' way. 

"LET US PASS!" commands Thane Redbeardbrokensword.

"Ok," say the Giants.

And Clan Citadel (the Fantasy Tribe branch of the Clan) continues on their way...


  1. bit of an anticlimax. Great Photos, though. Looks like Thain Redbeard needs to stop off over at the blacksmith's and get some repairs done...

    1. Hey, hey Mouse! Hope you're doing well! Thanks about the photos! I'm really digging playing with different kinds of spontaneous lighting and the cool kinds of grain it creates. And sorry about the anticlimax. I thought it was kinda funny though. But I see what you mean. My weekly Warhammer game was cancelled last night so I thought I would try a solo game of REAPER with some pre-slotta guys (being crazy inspired by the magic that is going on over at Springinsfeld's great Broadswords blog), but by the time I set everything up and took a few pictures I wasn't in the mood for any bloodshed - just started admiring these beautiful dwarves and not wanting any of them to get hurt! And Thane Redbeardbrokensword I think will stay as he is - he never wants me to forget how I dropped him and his bodyguard, those old lead swords are fragile!

  2. Hmmm...I think young Thane Redbeardbrokensword has walked into a trap... surely the only thing worse than having a horde of giants in front of you is having them behind you? I'd be very suspicious of a giant who just says 'Okay' to any of my demands... ;)

    1. Very good! And they think giants are dumb...