Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Ah, What the Heck, Panzer Division P.W. Passes On By

Not enough tanks on this here blog, so...

Panzer Division P.W. rushes to the front.  The ColdWar Commander Front. 

Really just an excuse to throw up some pictures of my beautiful Leopards.

I love Leopards.  There it is, out in the open.  No more secrets. 

Ahhh, but what is that Hind gonna do???!


  1. out of rockets?

    (the Hind, that is)

    Nice to see you online again, sir! Your table has been missed!

    1. Hey Gaj,

      Always great to have you stop by and leave a comment! Thank you. Hopefully more of the table in the next couple of months. And whew! I hope run out of rockets! All I can say is, "Leave those Leopards alone!! (Please)"