Monday, 30 June 2014

"It's Sunny Out, Let's Play Some Warhammer!"

As they gazed upon the distant glittering city, the two mighty Warlords reached an agreement - "We will split it between us!"

However, at just that moment, in just that glittering distant city, a mighty militia was preparing to embark on a "seek-and-destroy", long range patrol.  "Bring it on!", bellowed an excited citizen!

Yes, that beautiful, cosmopolitan city of Sehrschonenheim, where Dwarves, Elves, Men (and Women), Giants and Ogres all co-exist in the most perfect of harmony.  It must be protected at all costs!!

The Forces meet...

The Chaos Horde is Horrible!


"O Brave Men of dear Sehrschonenhiem, Brace for Impact!!"

The battlelines clash. 

Arrows fly.

Big Guys Die.

The end is nigh.

Feudal Fred is surrounded.  He and the remaining brave fighters of Sehrschonenheim surrender. 

The victorious Chaos Horde 'high-fives'.

A great Warhammer skirmish game with The Kid this afternoon.  He picked the figs for each "team" while I set the table.  Was very happy it didn't rain. 


  1. I like the gravel tabletop :)

    1. Hi one,

      Thanks for the comment! My minis seem to enjoy walking on rocks and stones so I like to accommodate them by giving them tables with lots of rocks and stones. Plus it is always fun putting a table together and creating an environment to bring our little friends even more to life.

  2. Playing with real weather conditions, that's the way to go! getting sunbrint as your troops would !
    Can't wait for your Helm's Deep reenactement !

    1. Hey Mr. ALMan,

      Yes, always nice to play outside! And like the tough soldiers we are it doesn't matter if it is hot glaring sun, five feet of snow or stormy sheets of rain - just as long as the minis don't get damaged!! And yeah, Helm's Deep, one day and in the rain too would be cool, but perhaps with pre-painted rubber figures instead of lovingly-painted old lead.

  3. that looks like it was a lot of fun! thanks for sharing

    1. Hi Blue in VT,

      Thanks for popping by and leaving a comment! Yes, it was great fun, I'm very thankful The Kid is into playing with minis and indulging his goofy geeky dad. Hopefully some more outside games as the summer progesses. There might even be a small scale BOYL West Coast style in the next couple of weeks. Still trying to work it out with some of the other privates.

  4. Looks like it was a fun battle! Great minis!

    1. Hey Mouse,

      Thanks! Fun too in the sense that "rules" were there only as a touchstone for fun. And Happy 4th of July to you!