Monday, 9 December 2013

It Still is October, isn't it?


"Time", thinks Gorksgottahavit,

"It makes you think."

Yes, Gorksgottahavit is a thinker.  A scholar!  Yes, he is a Weird Boy.  And the fact that he likes to think alone makes him a private Wierd Boy.   Unfortunately, all this thinking made Gorksgottahavit very dusty.   Oi. Dust!  How Gorksgottahavit hates dust.  And it's on his boyz too.  But surely it wasn't always this way?  There must of been a time when Orcs were free of dust?  Or could it be that Orcs were born of dust? 

  "Oi, it makes ya think!"

And then Gorksgottahavit remembers a story about some Humie Book...a Humie book reported to tell of the beginnings of all things Orc...a Humie book by Humies calling themselves Saxons or something...

  "Be A Wolf...Bay of Wolves...Baywatch...That's it!!  I know what I gotta do..."

So Gorksgottahavit gathered an army.

And set off to find that book.


     "Oi!  Saxons!  Give us your books!!!"

    "Excuse me, but we are definitely not Saxons!"

     "Oi, Gorksgottahavit sir, let's leave'em alone - their eyes are freaking me out!"


Was too contagious and delirious for Sunday Warhammer tonight.  

Played with my camera instead and took a couple of photos.  Hope you enjoy.


  1. There's a dude from the 3rd photo, far right, evil grimace with a skull hat. Don't recall seeing him before, but I likes him!

    You wouldn't per chance remember which mini he is would you?

    Love seeing photos of rank upon rank of old school skull smashing heathens.


    1. Hi one,

      Thanks for the comment. I'm pretty sure the Orc you are referring to is an old Alternative Armies guy. They're really great minis! And I think most are still easily available. That Orc was part of a haul of A.A blisters that were being sold off at 75% off when a local gaming store closed down about ten years ago. And thanks, I love photos of rank upon rank of crazed freaks too. Makes the minis really come alive for me.

  2. Beowulf leading to Baywatch, didn't see this one coming...

    Great models, superb pictures, evocative story, fun, excellent job as always Private !

    1. Hey Thanks, Mr. ALMan! And wouldn't David Hasselhoff make a good Grendel?

  3. Delirious, good fun! Nice to have you back, Private Weird!

    1. Thank you, Gaj! Much appreciated! And speaking of delirious, that was a delirious fun world you led us all into through the links of your last post! My wardrobe will never be the same! Thank you!

  4. Hey, glad to see you back! Lovely photos! Makes me want to paint. Sigh.

    1. Hey, hey, Mouse,

      A big Thanks! It was fun to get these guys out. I hope you are doing well and healing up fast. And that painting will soon follow for you. And hey, did you know that the Battle of the Plain of Crows finished up almost a year ago to this day?!! Time goes so fast. (And Asgard and the Lads still have not made it to Clan Prince August yet!) One day...

    2. We really need to set up another oldhammer game, as soon as I can actually function reasonably well....

    3. Hey Mouse,

      Sounds good! I probably can't commit to a multi-week game for a while, perhaps not until summer, but I have been mulling over some other ideas as possible alternate internet gaming solutions that I am all excited about - like a multi-verse return/revisit of the Battle of the Plain of Crows! We each set up the battle exactly as before, then each of us play it out again by ourselves on our own blogs! Who knows how it will turn out! The Battle of the Plain of Crows will suddenly become two more stories! Will Asgard be bested by your hero, this time round? Will he keep his armour on? Will Bagotrix survive? Hey Mouse, this has me so excited I can bearly type! Let me know what you think...