Wednesday, 25 December 2013

My Brother-In-Law Used to Own A Comic Book Store

Here are some Christmas treats from my brother-in-law's wonderful collection/old stock:

Beautiful, beautiful Grenadier boxes!

At this point the memory card in my wife's camera was full.   It was a dilemma - do I go back and erase some of the big batch of Christmas family photos she took to make room for some more pics of lead, especially 'cause I was just getting to the Grenadier gloryload or... not do that?   A couple of moments of some pretty hardcore soul-searching and a rather impressive bit of inner ethical debate raged on... but of course, I took no further pictures. 


  1. Can I marry either you or your brother in law and get some fresh old lead for Christmas too?

    1. Hey, hey, Mr. ALMan, we are pretty much into traditional family groupings and all that...and I should stress that before you make any life-altering decisions that all this old lead is NOT mine and was not given to me but simply shown to me to admire, swoon over and take a couple of pictures to share with the community of classic leadheads, but then again, I think my brother-in-law has a soft spot for French cooking, so perhaps...

  2. Sweet ,Unfortunately they weren't gifts given and unwrapped for xmas.

  3. Thanks, Peter. Yes, too true, but one can always hope for birthday time...