Sunday, 18 August 2013

Polymorph Rebel Band and a Stranded Spacefarer crest a hill...


  1. left corner:
    "Dear Sir, would you know where that horrible stench comes from?"
    "Yes Mylady, I'm afraid it comes from our colleague the troll, look at him, the poor thing is once again covered in tomato juice after eating his lunchbox"
    "But does he have to be so gross?"
    "I'm afraid he does ma'am"

    Right Corner :
    "Dude, I think the midgets and the bitch on our right are havin' a laugh at ya"
    "NUARG, Gothmog loves his tomato juice ! TOMATO FOR GOTHMOG!"

    1. Hey Mr. A.L.M,

      This had me chuckling...I'm curious to know the conversations you hear for the sidebar pictures?

  2. Great looking warband. I'm finishing up my guys and posting them tonight. Doubt I'll be able to finish all the minis I need before I have to leave for Utah, though...

    1. Hey Mouse,

      Thanks! I'm looking forward to seeing the figs you chose! And don't worry about your other guys. We can either start when you get back or just use what you have. Either way will be good.