Friday, 16 August 2013

Norse Dwarf SAGA Animosity

Flew across the country and finally got to play some play some SAGA.  Can't believe I held out so long.  Perhaps it was all the hype.  Or the cost of all the pretty dice.  But I'm in.  And I'm eager to play more.  Couldn't wait to come home and put together a Viking 4 Point force.   Unfortunately some Norse Dwarfs found my excitement very offensive.  Before I could even finish gathering my Vikings,

a bunch of angry Norse Dwarfs appeared...

and I began to appreciate the whole saga animosity thing!

                                But SAGA is not all - very soon stay tuned for some worldwide Warhammer!  Well, maybe not entirely worldwide, but three countries worth...                                                                                                                                   


  1. Hey, welcome back, P.W! Saga, eh? hmmm...I love anything with Vikings...I've recently been buying some here and there for a Norse warband for Eryn...This is the first weekend I've had off for a month, so I'm frantically going to be trying to get my warbands together this weekend...

  2. Hey Mouse, thanks. I'm still meaning to give your Eryn a look at...I'm excited about our upcoming game!!