Sunday, 28 July 2013

To Play Like A Boy

I was surprised to read that H.G. Wells' magnificent "Little Wars" is now a hundred years old!  This led to a celebratory garden confrontation with The Kid earlier today.

Seems that the Red Coats and the Blue Coats are at it again.

And is there anything more beautiful than a beat-up Britains Super Deetail Toy Soldier?


  1. I miss my Britains Deetail WWII Brits and Germans.

    I must get round to tracking down a copy of Little Wars sometime.

    Have you been sprucing the place up - liking the pics on the right!

    1. Hi Thantsants,

      Yes, Little Wars is absolutely marvellous and inspirational. Also, it is nice, and somehow life-choice-affirming, to see a respected and well-known author down on his knees enjoying a game of toy soldiers!

      And Deetails, just can't get enough time with them. I sometimes feel like chucking out the lead and just concentrating on 54mm rubber and plastic! Nothing brings back boyhood like the Britains!

      And thanks, yes, I have given the site a slight tarting up with some pictures from recent games that just didn't seem to warrant a full post. More soon hopefully.

  2. Lots of great new photos, here! Love those wolfriders! I'm slowly amassing a swarm of my own!

    I need to buy a copy of Little Wars, myself. Been intending to do it for years.

    Garden Gnome looks pretty intimidating. What are the stats on a model like that?

    1. Hey, thanks, Mouse! Yeah, to Little Wars, much to enjoy in there. Except watch out for Garden Gnomes - they are like Rancors!

      Looking forward to our game with Thantsants, and hopefully to our Conan one sometime in the Fall(?).