Monday, 22 July 2013

When One Life-Sized Poster Of Rick Priestley is Not Enough

Rick Priestley!

The Man is responsible for so much gaming joy!

Just finished a fantastic and fluid modern-day battle between Kislev and The Empire using Bolt Action.  

Wonderful Bolt Action.

Here are some pics:

The Empire scrambles

to meet the Might of Kislev!

Send in the Leopards.  (O the beautiful Leopards!)

Empire T.O.W.s ...

...find their targets.

And more beautiful Leopards win the day!

Bolt Action!


  1. What you need is a life-sized poster of Rick Priestley... IN A TANK to do him the honour he deserves.
    But hey! Where's the frost queen command battle tank?

  2. Very good, Mr. A! YES! A poster of Rick Priestley riding in a Tank, especially in a T-72, waving, would be brilliant! Besides, the dining-room walls are looking a little bare since I had to take down my last smiling Rick print!

    Alas, as for the Czarina and her noble line, they are no more - Kislev is now a People's Republic! The command tank is being led by none other than The Supreme Commander - Colonel General Nicholai Dimitri Private Wierdakof - The Bear Of Kislev, The Hope of The Nation, The Beating Heart Of The People...unfortunately, his was the first tank to be blown up. So it goes.