Sunday, 9 June 2013

Epilogue and the Corporation...

"Look here", growls Mad Dog Finnegan, "I's in charge now...

...and I say we's all gotta get back to Yaris 6 and shake Ulysses' next clone outta his tube..."

And with that they were gone.

All except for Captain Karzac and his Space Dwarves.   See Karzac is no fool.  He knew Ulysses really did have some sort of stash stashed away here on this planet.  And if there is a stash then there is a means for more funds for the SLA.    Money for the Prime Concern.  The Greater Cause. 

He sends his Space Dwarves into the farmhouse.  They search and search...


Success!!!  Unbelievable success!  A Fortune in Dylissthium Beads!!!

"Fill your pockets, Lads", says Captain Karzac, "fill your pockets, and know that our Ancestors smile upon us."

Unfortunately, the joyful clinking of beads being jumbled into pockets and pouches proved to be very distracting.   None heard the approach of an expensive company car.    The Corporation!

"Not so fast you Squats!!!"

Captain Karzac and his Space Dwarves rush out of the farmhouse:

"Don't call us Squats!!!"


  1. Cracking end to a great game!

    Go Squa... I mean Space Dwarves!

  2. Thank you, Thantsants! And the Space Dwarves thank your sensitivity to their name - it seems only Space Dwarves may call themselves Squats. Hence The SLA - The Squat Liberation Army, and their unceasing battle against the Corporation that tries to shut them down.