Monday, 10 June 2013

A Bee Landed on One Of My Champions!

While gaming in the steaming jungles of Lustria this afternoon,

My gentle, fun-loving, Champions of Chaos...

Are beset upon by bees!

And this freaked everybody out!


  1. Picture 2 :

    "Snaketongue : WHAT ! you dare tell m flies suck and bees are better? I'm not even talking to you anymore ,I'm fed up with you guys..."

    Picture 3 :
    "Juggerhead : Dude ! get this fucking bee off my sight, you know I can't stand flies but BEES ! UUgh, can't even watch the mowfow...

    Oxenhead : uhuhu it's teasing meeeeee"

    btw : what camera do you have to take such pictures seriously! teach me, I need it.

    Brilliant as always

    1. Hey Asslessman,

      Thank you. And you pretty much nailed down the conversation - they were all squeals and shrieks in the very next moment.

      The camera is just my wife's little Canon. It has PowerShot A640 written on it. As for taking the pictures, I just shoot a whole whack of them and find a couple that I like.