Friday, 28 June 2013

"Khorne, O Khorne, Why Have You Forsaken Me?!"

Deep in the barren Chaos Wastes, Goethe had just heard the news...

...he did NOT make it to Round Two of "Khorne's Favourite"!  Yes, it is true!  He found out from the One Who Is Gifted By The 888th Attribute, Asslessness - that he, Goethe, the coolest of all of Khorne's Champions, had not made it to Round Two!!! 

"O Master, Master, why hast Thou Forsaken Me??!!"

Suddenly, Khorne appears.

"My Son.  My Chosen One."

"It is but a Tzeentchian Trick, a Slaaneshi Sleight-of-Hand, a Noxious, nevermind...know that I have grander things in mind for you...take these, my pet..."

"Take these and roll.  And my Son, feel free to re-roll..."

Deep in the barren Chaos Wastes, Goethe now has a Warband.


  1. Good lord !
    Now I deserve my nickname more than ever because I laughed my ass off with your post.
    It's nice to see you unveil a part of Khorne that is much unknown, he truly is a fatherly figure for his flock.
    Goethe seems to have (over)used his rerolls , I see a seriously heavy warband here...

    Oh and though he didn't make it in the BEST champion contest, i'm sure he would have ranked on top for the COOLEST one (the guy has an afro, you just can't beat that).


  2. Hey Asslessman,

    Glad you liked it! Seems that Khorne wants a piece of the paternal pie too - why should Papa Nurgle get it all?! As for Goethe over using his rerolls, well, that's true, but the poor guy was just devastated about his loss and the extra rolling just made him happy again, that and your nice comment about his afro!