Monday, 24 June 2013

Star Wars in the Rain

The Kid laid out a fantastic set-up for a D20 Star Wars game yesterday. 

 Seems that the CIS had captured a special Jedi Starfighter and were holding it on the planet Zarkonnen.

The Jedi High Council were determined to get it back.  But it would tough.  There were snipers...

And there were Sith...

So the High Council sends a whole bunch of A-List Jedis to deal with this situation. 

Aayla Secura leads the Republican right flank.

Obi brings up the Centre.

But the Separatists strike back hard!

Obi-Wan sacrifices himself for the good of the mission.

Kit Fisto and his squad break through the Droid defenses at the Hangar...

And he flies away with the Jedi Starfighter!

Another victory for the Republic!


  1. And a lush and verdant world it looks too!

    Great fun!

    1. Hi Thantsants, yes, thanks, the lushness and the green are the lovely tradeoffs of having it rain all the time. Good thing the little Star Wars guys are rubber - busting out the lead for an outside game requires much faith in the promises of the Weatherpeople...

  2. That's what CIS get for parking the starfighter on Garden Table Boulevard. They should have stationed the thing in the much more secure Trampoline Sector!

    Lovely idea - well played, sir! Congrats to 'the Kid'!

    1. Hey Gaj, well-opinioned, but the CIS would probably argue about the problems of pre-mature launches occurring in the Trampoline Sector!

      And thanks! The Kid and I actually had a follow-up game the next day involving Kit Fisto's Starfighter hooking up with a Republic Fleet that was battling a CIS Strike Force in an Asteroid belt, but I thought it might be just a little bit too precious to have two father and son posts in a row!