Friday, 26 October 2012

Turn 2

Please see Mouse's turn 1.


Lord Asgard stops singing as he watches in horror as The Wizard Grendir Bagotrix gets first shot by the Thunder Mount Bolt Thrower, and then hit by a Fireball thrown by the opposing wizard. 

"Oh, that poor, poor old fool", thinks Lord Asgard, "When I told him to Dazzle them I meant conjure up an illusionary army or make the sky turn a sickly orange or...oh, that poor fool...but no..."

Suddenly all of Lord Asgard's Army stops singing.  Moans and wails are heard from all the Clan Grenadier troops...

The table at the end of Mouse's turn.

Movement -  The Grenadier Speardwarves and the Grenadier Hand Weapons surge ahead 3inches. 

"...No!", shouts Lord Asgard, and he turns towards the Grenadier Counts As Crossbow unit.  "They mustn't move..."

I decide to take a Leadership Test to see if the Grenadier Counts As Crossbows are overcome by emotion and charge towards the evil Thunder Mount Dwarves.  I hold my breath and roll...Whew.  They stay in position.

"Clansmen", says Grendor Nevermiss, leader of the Crossbows, "let us avenge our brave cousin with our bolts.  Take aim, my kin, and know that those that have done such a thing cannot be Dwarves..."

Before they fire, Lord Asgard's unit turns 90 degrees to the right and moves forward 3inches.  (I love the manoeuvre and formation rules in Third Edition!) 

The other Citadel Hand Weapon Unit wheels slightly to the right, moving forward three inches from the leftmost warrior. 

The Skirmishers move forward three inches.


"This can't be happening", thinks Lord Asgard, "Grungni forgive me, but they drew First Blood!" 

He lifts his beloved battleaxe and shouts over to the Crossbows, "Fire!  Brethren, Fire!  This is for Grendir Bagotrix!!!!"

The Crossbows fire at the unit with the evil Thunder Mount wizard.   I roll seven dice.  Four hit.  Two Wound.  (Hey Mouse, when you roll your saves, please put your results in my comments.)

Reserves -  Lord Asgard's unit wheels slightly to the right while moving up three inches.  (Mouse, how do you want to play manoeuvres in the Reserve Phase?  This is Lord Asgard's unit's only manoeuvre in this phase but it is his unit's second manoeuvre for the turn.  I rolled a Leadership test and passed, but this really wasn't really necessary (but it is fun).  Do you want to have it where Leadership rolls are required for a second simple manoeuvre for the whole turn or if it is just done within a phase?  Either way, I'm happy.)

All other units move up 3 inches.

Magic - AAHHHHHH!!!  There is no Magic!

The table at the end of my turn:


  1. Hey, P.W.! Rolled my saves...rolled a 1 and a 6 so you snuffed one of my Skull Poppers...So Lord Asgard's warriors unit should be on line with the crossbows? The picture here shows them further back...

    LD rules...The way I read the rules, you get 1 maneuver free, then you check against your character's leadership to see if you can make second one...

    I am going to expand my woods a little toward your table edge, as I see they are just entering your end of the woods at the end of your turn...

  2. Okay, I need to clarify a couple of things, there...(sorry, too much coffee this morning...I'm twitching as I type...)

    Picture shows Lord Asgard's dwarfs online with the crossbows, but if I go by the maneuvers you laid out for him, he should be pretty much on line with the rest of your front...

    I see your skirmishers are entering the woods on your side of your table, so I'm correcting the woods on my table to help make that happen...

    1. Hi Mouse,

      Ah, this is where the real fun of our whole table mirroring really kicks in...

      My skirmishers are going to be skirting the woods, they haven't entered it yet and I'm not sure if they really want to...

      Lord Asgard's unit should be roughly where it is in the picture. They unfortunately didn't have enough movement to make it in line with the rest of my frontline.

      Hey Mouse, there are probably going to be slight differences in what the end of turn set-ups on our respective tables will exactly look like. I think this will create a really nice Fog of War element in our game. And will probably also be the cause of much amusement. As for charges and when exact measurements are required/needed, why don't we just have it where if it works on one guy's table, it works for both. For example, just say one of your units charge one of mine. Say on your table the charge is within range and successful, but on mine, simply because of The Fog of War Mirroring, the charge seems to fail, we would accept the charge as successful because it worked out on One of the tables. How do you feel about that?

      And how do you feel about turning that scary bolt thrower around so that it is facing your guys?!! :}

    2. As concerns the 'fog of war'...yeah...I was thinking about that...One solution I was mulling was that as the companies start getting near charge range, we could start measuring distances of each unit's corner from the edges of the board so we could stay on the same page, but that might be a lot of work...your idea might be better....

      I'll ask the boys if they can turn Jenni Troll Spitter around, but I can't promise anything...